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Jan 12, 2014 09:45 AM

Easy Roast Chicken on America's Test Kitchen

Anyone have this recipe? It just aired in our area (Eastern Shore of MD), but it's a "locked" recipe on their website.

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  1. Just use Jacques Pepin's method. It's never fail. I use a cast iron skillet. Here's a link to one of the presentations, although I got it originally from one of his books.

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      I've seen that recipe, and in fact have his Essential Pepin cookbook. However, the recipe from America's Test Kitchen didn't mess with the initial browning. It heated a skillet in a 450 oven, put the chicken in, roasted for 30 min., and then turned off the oven.

      1. I remember watching this episode. I have not tried it because I always use a technique they used many years ago. That one they called High Roaat Butterflied Chicken. I don't usually bother with the brine or compound butter.I don't even do the potatoes.

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        1. re: John E.

          Good to know! I love those potatoes, but don't necessarily want them every single time I roast a chicken. Do you have a problem with smoke and spatters?

          1. re: monfrancisco

            No smoke and no splatters out of the ordinary. I don't always crank up the heat to 450° however. ATK many times do recipes to save time. I don't always need to save the time. I also sometimes put low sodium, watered-down chicken broth in the pan.

            I like to butterfly both chickens and turkeys and save the backbones for stock.

        2. After Jacques removed the chicken from the pan, he brought the pan back on the heat - why? To evaporate as much of the liquid as possible?