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Jan 12, 2014 09:42 AM

best salads, 2014 edition

Feel free to add the best salads you've found in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario this year (preferably starting Jan 1, 2014, so this thread starts with current experiences).

I enjoyed the beet salad at Five Doors North.
I also like the kale and corn salad at Pusateri's.

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  1. I ate these in 2014 but they've been on the menu at Woodlot for a couple months - the grilled hen 'o the woods mushroom and wild rice salad, as well as the warm kale salad.

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      I just tried the hen o' the woods at Woodlot and have to second this recommendation - wow! What a treat! My favourite dish of the meal.

    2. Rocco's Salad at Libretto - brussels sprouts, butternut squash, Pingue prosciutto, heirloom beets, pine nuts, ricotta salata & deep fried crispy but runny egg, all on greens. Yum.

      1. Sud Forno has added some delicious salads (non-lettuce/greens).

        1. Delicious seafood salad on the Holt's Cafe menu right now, including shrimp, calamari and lobster.

          1. Just to remind everyone the salad at hibiscus on Augusta is absurdly good, raw/vegan/gluten free if that's your bag (not mine, I iust appreciate a damn fine salad) and has like 10-12+ ingredients on any given day. Plus they changed the takeout container since I was last there in the summer and it holds up for more than 10 minutes now