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Jan 12, 2014 09:16 AM

dinners near Hotel Tivoli Lisboa -Av. da Liberdade, 185

My parents will be spending 3 nights in Lisbon in April, staying at the Hotel Tivoli Lisboa. They love good food and with so many choices I would like to recommend places near their hotel. Possibly one being a fado? Thanks!

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  1. It depends how adventurous and how mobile your parents are... You will find very up to date info on

    One of my favourite restaurant in Lisbon is actually the "French" Brasserie Flo on the groundfloor of the Hotel Tivoli itself... Also 2 good restaurants by Chef Olivier in the hotel Tivoli Jardim next door (same hotel group), one Japanes, one more classic see:
    The only Fado house I have been recently was the "Adega Machado" in the Bairro Alto, both Fado and food were correct... But search this board for other suggestions.
    And remember taxis are cheap and plenty in Lisbon!

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      Thanks. I will look into these. They dont mind a taxi but, if possible prefer to send them 10 mins away rather than 30!. They love good food and are sophisticated eaters but not adventurous if that makes sense. Far away form meat & potatoes, but not quite molecular. Thanks!

    2. Your parents' hotel is less than a 15 minute walk away from Bom Jardim which is one of Lisbon's simplest but most charming and delicious eating experiences. Look it up online and see if you think they would like it. The address is Travessa de Santo Antao 11.

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        Thanks so much! All good info. If anyone has a fado place close to their hotel (walk or short cab) send it on!

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          As far as I know, all fado places are either in the Bairro Alto or Alfama, I have never heard of one near Liberdade...
          By the way, in the same street as Bomjardim is one of the most traditional restaurants in Lisbon, Gambrinus. Brings you back 50 years ago when the food was classic and the service impeccable!