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Jan 12, 2014 08:40 AM


My husband and I will be in Berlin for 4 days, I would be most grateful for recommendations to eat well there. For the most parts I would like reasonably priced recommendations, however we would be happy to spurge if an experience really calls for it!!
My chowhound friends have guided me well for all my trips so far so please send in your suggestions...we will be most grateful.

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  1. If you would elaborate a little on

    - where you will be located
    - whether you would be willing to travel to other neighborhoods
    - what cuisines you are interested in

    you will likely get more helpful replies than just posting a general question.

    Also, the existing Berlin threads are fairly up to date, so maybe browse through those a little and narrow down your choices :-)

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      Hi I am staying at the Adina apartments berlin checkpoint Charlie apparently close to Friedrichstrasse Shopping Street. I am totally open to travelling to other neighbourhoods as long as it is convenient on public transport. I definitely want to get a feel for local food and I'm big on most cuisines (Asian, Italian, Mexican being my usual go tos in Canada)...I have a pork restriction and will be pregnant while travelling but other than that I love eating almost everything...I would love some reasonable priced recommendations or some quick stop suggestions while sight seeing and some nice fun dinners....would absolutely love to check out the hip neighborhoods and foodie neighborhoods of the city! I will take a look at existing threads tooo...thank you

      1. re: linguafood

        So far I have the following what else would you add/ remove for dinners:

        May 3rd: Lokal
        May 4th:Transit
        May 5th: The Bird
        May 6th: need help with this one???

        One of the places I would like to try for lunch is either Si Anne, Chen Che, Chi Sing

        Any advice