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Jan 12, 2014 08:39 AM

Prague- recommendations

My husband and I will be in Prague for 3 days, I would be most grateful for recommendations to eat well there. For the most parts I would like reasonably priced recommendations, however we would be happy to spurge if an experience really calls for it!!
My chowhound friends have guided me well for all my trips so far so please send in your suggestions...we will be most grateful.

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  1. Wait for Sturmi to reply, Also go to the search feature on top right, enter Prague/Budapest/ whatever and see what happens.
    In any event Degustation in Prague was mind blowingly good a few years back. It has changed the scope of its menu since but still if in Prague for one meal, that would be it. This would be your splurge.

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      Thanks for that rec, DCM. We also will be in Prague (in April) and I haven't even begun THAT research.

    2. Need more info, what area are you staying in, how far do you want to travel for meals and after looking at previous posts... any clarifications or recommendations we can provide?

      1. A must go address is SANSHO. The full blow-out tasting menu served in the evening, plus one bottle of wine will get you in food heaven for just about 120 euro for two. Must book though. (Also important is that right up front, you cut short the waiters in pushing too much drinks on you, the only regrettable aspect of this otherwise heavenly restaurant.)

        At this time, the best traditional Czech cuisine is imho being served at KONIRNA.

        One visit to LOKAL Ambiente is a must: traditional simple nourishing food to go with beer.

        To get away from Central European heaviness try the best Indian restaurant in town - INDIAN BY NATURE. The other Asian restaurants are all best avoided.

        DEGUSTATION is professionally and technically perfect but the same 200 euro per person buys much better food in the same 'molecules hidden in foam and smoke' style found in Spain or France.


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          Hi hblnk,

          We'll be in Prague and Budapest in March, and I'm looking forward to trying your recommendations.

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            So far I have the following:
            May 7th (wed): we get in late...any suggestions???
            May 8th: Lokal Dlouha
            May 9th: Sansho
            May 10th: recommendations please???

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              Have you looked at the discussion of Prague restaurants in this thread,

        2. When I was there 4 years ago, I most loved the Svickova at Restaurant Vikarka and the pea cream soup at Cafe Louvre. We're going back in April so I'm looking forward to other recommendations.

          1. When I was in Prague, the best thing was the vegan cheesecake at Maitrea/Lehka Hlava - in 6 days there I went to have it thrice.

            A tart raw strawberry sauce drizzled on top of a raw “cheesecake” – made with cashew nuts, walnuts, raisins, coconut butter, and honey.