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Jan 12, 2014 08:39 AM

Budapest-Recommendations Please

My husband and I will be in Budapest for 4 days, I would be most grateful for recommendations to eat well there. For the most parts I would like reasonably priced recommendations, however we would be happy to spurge if an experience really calls for it!!
My chowhound friends have guided me well for all my trips so far so please send in your suggestions...we will be most grateful.

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  1. You might want to look at the existing threads on all your cities, such as:

    1. Not far from the Chain Bridge, there is a Turkish , self serve restaurant....just ask locals and they should be able to direct you. (I just don't remember the name, but was directed there too, some f years ago.)

      1. In the top price bracket BORKONYHA is consistent and deservedly famous.

        BOCK BISTRO is very good if occasionally uneven. Big disadvantage is the noise level and the rather selective booking procedures.

        Best traditional Hungarian cooking with local ingredients (think duck, game, goose liver, carp, cabbage) is ROSENSTEIN. This has value for money a short but good wine list.

        If wine were your only criterium go to KLASSZ. The food is a notch up from adequate/fine but not a destination. The local wine selection though is very clever and cannot be beaten at this price level.

        Avoid all restaurants near Liszt square and Vaci utca and all streets leading to Vörösmaty tér.

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          so some more information about me...I am pregnant so wine will be less important...I am very curious to have some traditional Hungarian experiences and I will be staying at Frazer residences (between klinikak and corvin negyed) station...I am happy to take public transit for good food please feel free to send any nearby recoomendations or must have lunches or dinners....I will take a look at the Budapest thread above! So excited
          ps Ive never had goulash so Im most looking fwd to trying it:)

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            I found Rosenstein's website and the pictures look terrific. But there's no menu so I'm wondering about prices. We usually share an app or two, a main and a bottle of wine just to give you an idea. TIA.

          2. If you won't drink wine, then Klassz is not your priority. All other three are, because the food is what you go for.

            For goulash please note that Hungarians are more precise: the word goulash usually applies to a beef soup, with potatoes and some spices. If you were thinking of the rather dense paprika infused onion and meet stew, look for pörkölt.

            Getting around on public transport is easy - trams 4 or 6 and metro 1 get you to all places of note, food wise, that is.