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Jan 12, 2014 08:29 AM

Paso Robles Wedding Help


I am trying to do a wedding for 25 people in Paso Robles on a 10k budget. Any suggestions?


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  1. We got married at Summerwood Winery in 2009 and it was absolutely perfect. I know they have renovated since then, but have not had the chance to go back. We had 100 guests, so I can't really speak to your budget, but they are for sure worth looking into.

    Not sure if you searched the board, but here is a thread I started when I was looking for venues with a lot of info, though maybe a little outdated. Congratulations and good luck!!

    1. Try contacting Denner if you want to be at a winery. Or pick your caterer first -Trumpet Vine is excellent - and see what places they recommend.

      With 25 people I'm sure you can do some creative things.