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Jan 12, 2014 07:38 AM

Honeymoon inNorthern New England

My husband and I are taking our honeymoon in May in Northern New England, staying in Lincoln NH near Loon Mountain. We will be driving up the coast from PA, making sure to hit Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts (Boston/Mashpee Area), and Portland, Maine, as well as Vermont. We want to hit many breweries (Alagash, Shipyard, Harpoon, Magic Hat, Sam Adams, and a few others) and we're looking for the best, can't miss places to eat in and around the Lincoln, NH area, as well as lunch stops along the New England Coast (95 corridor). We love seafood, burgers, beer, and breakfast.

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  1. The Woodstock Inn in North Woodstock, NH has great house-brewed beers but what really excites me is their spent grain bread. Good stuff!

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      oooh, thanks. I did see the Woodstock Inn. They seem to have a great local beer selection, and they're right near our resort. The grain bread sounds like a must-have. thanks!

    2. If you REALLY love the best of beer, and are up for just a bit of driving from Lincoln, do some Googling to learn about Ebenezer's in Lovell, ME. You will be about 1.5 hours from there (Lincoln) and no brew bub in the area (Woodstock, Conway, etc.) offers anything close in a beer experience. Their food is pretty darn good too, for "pub food."

      Lake Kezar in Lovell/Fryeburg (right near Ebenezer's) has places to stay too, such as the Pleasant Point Inn. Considering this is a honeymoon trip, I'll highly recommend you include a night there or at another cozy lakeside cabin in your itinerary. That fits in VERY NICELY for a beautiful, scenic drive between Portland, ME and Lincoln, NH. As a bonus, you will be off the highways and see some of the best parts of Northern New England.

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        Ebenezer's came to my mind as well. It's in the middle of nowhere but since the OP has to pass close to the middle of nowhere and he is a beer geek, then this is a must stop.

        In Portland, I semi-regularly take visiters to Allagash (great brewery/tour) then we head over to East Bayside to hit Bunker and Rising Tide and maybe the local distilery, all within a couple hundred feet of each other. There's often a food truck there as well - if it's Small Axe it's definitely chow worthy even in a foodie town like Portland. After the brewery's (you can hit up Shipyard as well on the edge of the Old Port), a must stop is Nuvare Res.

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          bobbert - since you mention the Small Axe food truck, have you viewed Joe Ricchio's latest production? (Hint - "Off The Wagon.") It's about an event at Oxbow Brewing, but Small Axe is featured prominently.

          Agree Novare Res is a must stop for beer lovers visiting Portland. The pub food there isn't bad, but when in Portland there are soooo many awesome places to eat that I don't think of eating there so much.

          Personally I’d rather spend a good amount of time at Novare Res or Ebenezer’s than schlepping my way through brewery tours with their tiny sipping sample cups.

          Since Portland, ME AND Lincoln, NH are on the itinerary of the OP, I thought it only apropos to propose Ebenezer's as the perfect waypoint, especially considering the very good food at Eb's.

          If I were the OP...... I'd drive straight to Portland and skip all the other stops..... spend 3-5 days in Portland eating and a couple of brewery tours in that region, then a night’s stop-over at/near Eb's, then off to Lincoln, NH for the beautiful scenery.

          There's not much to drink/eat near Lincoln, NH anyway, so might as well get some awesome food and beer on the way to Lincoln at Eb’s.

          BTW - I think the food AND beer at Moat Mountain (N. Conway) is mediocre at best. Not a beer or food destination by any stretch. That's just my experience. I think of it as an "Applebee's" of food and BBQ, but they sure pull in a big crowd as food/beer in that area is geared toward the captive tourist and not quality. I wish the situation was different in Lincoln/Conway for food and beer, but “watered-down” is how I describe it.

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            Just finished up Ricchio's latest. The small Axe guys are legit. These guys have great pedigrees and are looking towards opening a brick and mortar place. I actually like the food at Nuvare quite a bit but maybe just for a lunch or split something to hold one off until one of the more premier honeymoon worthy places.
            If one were to go to Ebenzers I'd suggest doing some research first or you can be easily overwhelmed.

      2. Have you seen this tour company that visits breweries in Portsmouth NH

        1. Moat Mountain in North Conway has pretty good house brewed beers and tasty pub grub.

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            Connecting two parts of this thread, it should be noted that (while I haven't been) Ebenezer's is very close to Moat Mountain, which has really good BBQ and beer. From there, you can take the beautiful Kancamaugus highway and get to Lincoln in about 60 minutes. North Conway is also good for shopping (outlets and kitchy stores), and the area between NC and Lincoln is great for hiking. If it happens to be unseasonably hot, there are lots of river / waterfall swimming holes in the area, but the water will still be cold in May. Zeb's in NC is also a family favorite for penny candy and local gourmet items (think blueberry jam and maple syrup).

            For closer to Lincoln, I've always loved the Italian Farmhouse in Plymouth. I haven't been in 4 or 5 years, but it's very romantic and the food is very good. It's my favorite of the Common Man chain of restaurants, assuming quality has held over the years.

            I'll endorse Novare Res as well. They had some really unique local beers with good stories about the breweries from the bartenders. It's been two years since I've been, but I really liked Eventide for raw bar and seafood. Good beer list there as well, if memory serves.

            Hit the Boston and Southern NE boards for ideas on the drive up. Lots of options.

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              Like your suggestions but fwiw the water will still be cold in the white mountains in August. In May it will be frigid. Refreshing but frigid.

          2. Has anyone mentioned black flies? Make sure all these charming places have screened-in settings!