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Post LAX Cocktail/Snack Late

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Coming into Los Angeles...

Possibly get to establishment at 11:30 (in the evening) on Wednesday; could be earlier Thinking Culver City, Marina, Playa. Cocktail/beer with a bite of good grub. Two drinks max-I imagine I'll be tired from flying. Late night happy hour perhaps? Romantic is fine as well, it will be that kind of thing.

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    1. re: Servorg

      i believe that the kitchen at the tripel closes well before the bar area.
      iirc, the kitchen closing time is not posted on the website.

      1. re: Servorg

        Ah, the Tripel would be perfect for this occasion. Super plus on dessert. Any idea what "close" time can typically be?

        1. re: nyeac

          I'd call them directly to get the right information, (especially since you are going on a weeknight) as places like this may shut early if there is no one coming in late.

          1. re: Servorg

            Called Tripel. Food ordering by 11.

          2. re: nyeac

            LA is not a late night town, especially mid week. Waterloo & City appears to serve until midnight on a Wednesday.


            1. re: Dirtywextraolives

              There is part of their website http://www.waterlooandcity.com/menu.c... that says they serve until 11:30 during the week.

              1. re: Servorg

                Ah then the midnight time I saw listed must be the closing time.

                1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                  The location of W & C is ideal and the building intrigues me. If I order at 11:30, will I be served with contempt? Do they kick me out at midnight?

                  1. re: nyeac

                    Don't know. I guess it would depend on who's in the kitchen that night, and whether they've had a busy or slow night.....

        2. Chaya Venice perhaps. Otherwise, any of the hotel bars, but not all serve food that late. Research Casa del Mar, Viceroy, Penthouse at the Huntley, Loews.

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          1. re: yogachik

            No hoteI bar, going to a home; but perhaps the Culver Hotel Bar, if they still have that.

          2. I haven't personally verified this, but when Scopa, the new Italian place on Washington Blvd in Venice, opened they made a big deal about being open past midnight.

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            1. re: cookie monster

              Didn't finish my thought. On Abbot Kinney in Venice, Gjelina and Hal' s both serve until midnight. Better food at Gjelina, but full bar at Hal's.

              1. re: cookie monster

                Nothing appealed to me on the Scopa menu. Hal's serves a different function for me. Gjelina though...?

            2. Gjelina in Venice serves till midnight. Wonderful food. No full bar, wine only.

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              1. re: wienermobile

                re: gjelina:

                iirc, they don't serve their full menu until midnight, at some point they switch to their charcuterie/pizza menu only.

              2. Great one of a kind sausages and beer till midnight at Wurstkuche in Venice.


                1. There's a late night happy hour and food available at the Alibi Room in Culver City, not far from Waterloo & City. You can even order Kogi Korean BBQ tacos until midnight.....


                  The Corner Door is also open until midnight on Wednesdays.


                  1. Red Medicine is open late, I think.

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                    1. re: perk

                      You guys r fucking crazy about red medicine

                      1. re: jessejames

                        2a.m. says their website, but I tend not to believe that. Cocktails look great, but nothing on their menu appealed.

                        1. re: nyeac

                          If your timing is really whack and you get in later than you anticipate you can always catch drinks and late night dining at the Pacific Dining Car in Santa Monica that is open 24/7. Corner of Wilshire Blvd. and Princeton.

                          1. re: Servorg

                            Hey now. Was hoping my timing was really whack in the other direction---flight lands really early, luggage comes first on conveyor belt, a traffic-free LAX. Then skip (in the car naturally) past the ever-shrinking Wetlands to the Tripel. Have never actually been inside that PDC but Wilshire Blvd. is much further north than I intend to travel (on that particular day).

                            1. re: nyeac

                              I knew it was too far north, but thought I would throw it out as a "lifeline" just in case. And if not for you, then the next traveler who might come to this thread and be in search of late night eats and drinks on the west side.

                    2. Alibi room culver city ? I haven't been.

                      1. Kanpai on Lincoln in westchester is open until 1am and serves up some decent ramen and has beer/sake late night in addition to other items on their late night menu.