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Jan 12, 2014 06:18 AM

Kim Marie's Eat n Drink Away Asbury Park

Went to this new restaurant with friends early on Friday evening. My first impressions were good.

Pleasant décor with outer room separate from nosy bar area. .Had Good service...I had their Caesar Salad with Seared Tuna...perfect tuna! And my friends had Burgers and Fries. There were a number of interesting Entrees but will leave those for my next visit.

The only negative was because of dim lighting and menus printed on copper I had to use my cellphone light to read it.

We need a good restaurant on this side of Asbury, so hope this one continues to be a good option. I will try it again.

They are on Facebook, but as yet no menu or website online.

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  1. Is this place where Adriatica used to be?

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    1. re: coldbeer

      Yes, it was the Adriatic but it has been completely redone.

    2. I agree that more restaurants and bars are needed on the north end of town. This one was a no-brainer, with the structure being the former Adriatic. You run a block or two west or south and it's either all residential or vacant land, so any semblance of a restaurant row, a conclave of bars will require new brick and mortar as the surrounding area looks like Beruit. That's a large investment, but I hope that it will eventually happen.

      I saw the menu in a Tri-City News ad. Didn't look like they were doing anything exciting. As the bar appears to share equal billing with the food (this looks like just a baby step from their current joint on Main), the menu reflects a fairly generic and predictable listing of offerings for a resto. A decided Irish bent to the starters: Irish egg rolls (corned beef/cabbage) that is deep fried. Dublin wings (roasted with rosemary and lemon juice) sounds good. Lucky Charms Brussel Sprouts (again FRIED, ugggggh).

      Your standard salads (spinach, house, and something called a Celtic King which if you read the description is a whole lot of nothing - romaine lettuce (with parmesan, olive oil, lemon juice), egg, Worcestshire sauce, garlic, black pepper and croutons.

      Sandwiches: Burgers, chicken breast, grilled tuna sandwiches and there's a blackened salmon blt.

      Dinner entrees: Center cut porkchops, ribeye, Tuna steak, Linguine Primavera, a Boulibasse, more chicken breast and Salmon.

      I guess it all depends upon, who's in the kitchen as to the quality,creativity and finish to what's going out the door. On the face of it, I don't believe that this place adds any more luster to the Asbury dining scene based on a cursory look at this menu. But it's surely needed on that side of town.

      Can you give me an estimate as to how many seats at the bar Susie????

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      1. re: JustJake

        I would have to take a guess...maybe 50...I didn't go into that room...there are also tables there.

        1. re: SusieQQ

          Thanks very much Susie. I hope that they'll be able to make it through the spring - when the touristas arrive. I'm sure their other operation can carry them for a bit, till they get their feet under them.

          1. re: JustJake

            It was packed on Friday evening! If it is any good I think it will get a lot of locals. We went early at 6 and left at room at the bar and very few empty tables when we left.