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Jan 12, 2014 05:48 AM

Wild Game

Robbie Swinnerton makes a good point in his 2013 summary about restaurants serving game in Tokyo. In my limited experience, deco does a good job, especially if you catch them on a good day when they serve badger a la royale, or perhaps whole woodcock in red wine sauce, but during season they almost always have japanese colvert, at least, which Boucherie du Buppa is also famous for. Abasque is maybe a bit rougher around the edges, but it's hard to fault their wild boar in red wine sauce. There's always a bear and more at La Chasse, and speaking of bear, nabe season is the season to try matagi.

I tried to book here a while ago but couldn't, and didn't try again.

Where else?

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  1. I would recommend Manoir in Hiroo (, the owner Nakamura-san is a hunter himself, can be tough to reserve short term.

    1. Not Tokyo, but if you haven't already been, can you try Okariba in Kyoto? I heard he does his own hunting/trapping but was never able to try it.