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Jan 11, 2014 08:40 PM

Fresh ramen noodles to cook at home.

I've recently become obsessed with learning how to make good ramen at home. I plan on learning how to make the noodles but my pasta maker is currently in storage until I move. Can anyone please tell me where I can find really good ramen noodles (similar to imadakes) that I can buy and simply boil at home.also any authentic noodle recipes are welcome :). I'm really looking for that springy noodle with a good bite.

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  1. Kim Phat grocery stores have a virtually unlimeted assortiment. In the refrigerated noodles you will find fresh soba and rice stick noodles. You can get premium dark and light soya, oyster sauce, sesame oil, and fish sauces for your broth too.

    1. Thanks, I just checked them out online and there's a huge noodle selection. I'll have to take a trip out there. Is there a brand you prefer for ramen?

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        Kim Phat has a lot of good stuff, but none of the ingredients listed above actually go in ramen and it's really not the best place for Japanese ingredients.

        Japanese and Korean stores will have more of what you need. I've never seen fresh ramen in Montreal stores, but they could be out there. You should call Miyamoto in Westmount to ask if they have them. Otherwise, you can find Korean or Chinese noodles that might be a good substitute. I think wonton noodles might work well if you want want a firmer and thinner noodle.

      2. Of the three Kim Phat stores that I have visited, I believe that the Taschereau branch serves a more cosmopolitan and culturally diverse demographic, and also boasts a broader square footage . I have seen quite a selection of Japanese food items there, including alternative noodle products very similar to what one could substitute for a ramen recipe, Simply, the inventory does vary wildly for non Chinese items according to fluctuations of inventory, as well as influx of new novel stock fighting for shelf space.Do expect to stumble onto occasional one time gems,

        1. Eden at La Cite on du Parc has

          1. For the noodle recipe, Ivan Orkin gives one away in his book Ivan Ramen.