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Bagels in Dallas

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Ok.. so i just moved to Dallas... it has tons of resteraunts, but everyone says I should get bagels at Kroger... yuck... I moved here from South Fla where we have Mom and Pop Bagels shops everywhere (Einstein's is not a Mom and Pop!... even though most Texans think it is)... Any help???

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    Don't know where you are in town, but I like the ones at Bagelstein's up at Coit and Arapaho.

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      Bagelsteins bagels are pretty good. They bake Central Market/Plano's bagels, too. Not sure about Dallas Central Market's bagels.

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        Bagelsteins bagels are pretty good, and they also make good bialys. They know what a salt bagel is, too. Bagelsteins makes the bagels carried by Central Market (in Plano, at least...don't know about the Dallas store.)

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          The Dallas location also gets its bagels from Bagelsteins.


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          Cindi's on Northaven and Central is really good. They also have great cream cheese. The bagels at Einsteins are okay, but I can't stand that super-whipped sweet cream cheese.

        3. Not a fan of Bagelstein's. I think they get a lot of latitude because of the weak Jewish food scene in Dallas. Say what you will about Einstein's, but for around here, you won't find too many better.

          1. The best bagels I know of are at the Deli News located at Preson and Campbell or at their other location at (I think) Preston and LBJ. They sell H&H Bagels that have been par-baked, shipped from New York, then the baking is completed on premesis.

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              I second this notion. You can't go wrong with anything at Deli News, bagels included. The other location is indeed at Preston and LBJ. Bagelstein/HEB CM is another great choice.

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                I third the notion - Deli News are by far the best in the Dallas area.

                Link: http://www.deli-news-dallas.com/

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                  I fourth it, Deli News is not NY but is about the best you can do in Dallas and better since they started doing the H & H bagels. The rest taste like biscuits or something. One of my Texas friends tasted her first bagel as an adult in Dallas and said she could make bagels like that at home and does. Anybody can make Texas bagels from bread dough, They like them soft. The Dallas Morning News food writer (before the current one) once dinged Bagelsteins and Deli News for having bagels that were "too chewy", that is why bagels are like they are here.

            2. Like it or not, I have to say that Einstein's has the one of the better bagels you're going to find around here... no question that they're not a Mom and Pop, but there aren't too many other options.

              1. I grew up in the northeast, and my Bronx-raised dad taught me about bagels. When my better half and I visit NYC -- which we usually do twice a year -- our last task is to have the cab that takes us to the airport stop at our favorite places for bagels, smoked fish, home-made cream cheese, etc., so we don't have to suffer airline food on the way home. (Also sometimes a stop at Katz's for some of their transcendent pastrami.)

                The bottom line is that, in my 20+ years in Dallas, you can't get a good bagel. What's presented as a bagel around here is just round bread. I think Dallasites would love real bagels, but I fear that the tough chewiness of an authentic bagel scares off potential bagel-makers, who think we're too wimpy for the real deal.

                It's a shame. I spend a fortune once a year having NYC bagels shipped here (along with smoked salmon, sturgeon, and other fish from Russ & Daughters in NYC), for a party where I treat my friends to some of the best food you can get in this country.

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                  Couldn't agree more. I grew up in Brooklyn and the best test of a good bagel is the "thud" factor. Drop a bagel on a table and the bigger the thud, the better the bagel.

                  Russ & Daughters is a treasure. I've bought chubs (small smoked whitefish) there and eaten them on the street off the top of a mailbox just before I walk down the block to wolf down a fatty pastrami sandwich at Katz's. Heaven.

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                    Real authentic new york style bagels at New York Bagel and Bakery in Plano (summit and Jupiter) they are a wholesale bagel bakery and the REAL DEAL, cant go wrong.Contact them at 972-509-9190

                2. i used to live in new york city and moved down to dallas about 2 years ago. when i need bagels i go to this small family run place called iris bagel and coffee house. they have been there for 20 years. their bagels are great. they have salt bagels! they also have lox and a variety of cream cheese flavors. be prepared to wait in line on the weekends though. they have really good coffee. its cozy and friendly. they are right off the greenoaks exit and I20 i know its a bit of a drive...but its worth it! :)

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                    I am from NYC as well. Just moved here a month ago. My kingdom for a good bagel, but I have yet to find it. Eisteins is gross lol
                    I am even trying to convince my Jewish friend that owns a bagel store on LI to move here, just so I can have them regularly here!

                  2. OK being from the North I have also had this question recently answered.. Right up the road on Arapaho is Carmen's bagels and Deli...Best bagels in Dallas by far...They claim the bagels are shipped from Brooklyn and they taste like I'm used to so I can't disagree...Check them out...

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                      I tried that place too. The bagels are the best I've bought in Dallas (not saying much there!).

                      I found the sandwiches we ordered off their deli menu to be way way way too pricey for what they are, although they were good. I plan to be a patron of this place but only for the bagels.

                    2. A correction to previous posts and another suggestion: as of Jan '09, Central Market on Lovers & Greenville has been making their own bagels, putting out fresh goods AM and PM. They follow a byzantine, multi-step process that takes a day and a half of proofing, boiling, and baking. Bagels remind me of H&M's: crispy/crunchy outside, chewy/yeasty inside. Our favorites are Salt, Honey Wheat and Multigrain. BTW, they don't skimp on ingredients: blubberry is chock full of big Maine blueberries and Multigrain is loaded with seeds & nuts. Check them out. And be sure to ask for a sample; CM is known for that, too.

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                        Does this store supply the bagels for all the other CM's in the area?

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                          I have to say that I was surprised by the negative reaction to CM's bagels. For some reason, I've lived here for four years and just started eating them about three months ago. They definitely taste boiled and then baked to me. It's probably the most NYC bagel that I've tasted out here in that they don't taste like just a heavy piece of bread, e.g. Einstein's. CM's bagels have that definite chewy factor, like they would yank out someone's dentures. I too agree about Russ & Daughter's. Love the pastrami lox on a pumpernickel bagel. It's like the smoked fish lover's candy store. Always go on my last day in NYC. I eat one there and then take one on the plane. I'm officially hungry!

                        2. My family and i tried Carmen's on Arapaho. They are definately the real deal New York bagel Nothing compares to their bagels. My new favorite spot. Delicious coffee too!

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                            I am a NY'er that just moved here and was so sad that the best bagel I could find was at News Deli...Thanks so much for the heads up on Carmen's I will try it for sure!

                          2. Most people in Dallas don't know what real croissants or bagels are, so we just end up with "bread in croissant shape" and "bread in bagel shape." For croissants I order the frozen dough from Williams Sonoma. With regard to bagels, I actually did get six decent mini-bagels once from Whole Foods that tasted exactly like the ones I used to get in Toronto. However, when I went back to WF the following week and bought what looked like the same package of mini-bagels, they tasted nothing like the first batch. Weird. Anyway, thanks for the tips about Deli News and Carmen's.

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                              Amen on the croissants here. Bad, bad, bad. I've heard the WS croissants are perfection. I think it comes out to like $6/croissant. I will break down one day and order them. I just came back from the West Coast and had a fantastic croissant at my old neighborhood bakery. Such a difference!

                            2. I'm from South Jersey (Cherry Hill, actually...which has something like a 20% Jewish population) ...and have been in DFW for a couple years now. As others have mentioned, the bagels here are pretty poor.

                              My suggestion would be making your own. It's relatively easy to make a bagel that's eons ahead of anything you'd get around here. You can even do it with bread flour if you have to. Just make sure you find a recipe with boiling the dough...

                              1. i also think cindis is okay. but like i said, try iris bagel and coffee house in arlington out. google it. they have a bunch of good reviews.

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                                  Please, Deli-News is where it's at. Period!

                                2. Benny's Bagels in Lakewood at Live oak and Skillman. Hands down the best I've had in dallas or nyc. If you like chewy and dense, this is the bagel for you. Great well priced bagel sandwiches, panini, wraps and salads . Definately fits the mom and pop shop description too.

                                  Benny's Bagels
                                  2001 W Southlake Blvd, Southlake, TX 76092

                                  1. I think the bagels at Panera's are the best I have tried. I am not from NY but from New Orleans.

                                    4040 N US Highway 75, Sherman, TX 75090

                                    Panera Bread
                                    3050 S Central Expy, McKinney, TX 75070