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Jan 11, 2014 06:48 PM

Direct for top Philadelphia Restaurants

I'm on a Philly Restaurant Kick and am deciding between hitting the top 50 in Philadelphia Magazine or the Eater 38 (Updated).

Just curious, do you all think one list is better than the other (besides total number!!)....

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  1. Not generally a fan of these kinds of lists, but Eater38's is way better than Philly Mag's. While there are a lot of good restaurants on the Philly Mag list, they tend to get all weak in the knees over names, and sometimes there's no substance behind the name (witness how many Stephen Starr restaurants are on the list. They're good, but not GREAT.)

    1. I prefer sit down restaurants so I like Philly Mag's list.

      1. Eater is trendier eg it has

        Philly Mag is more reliable, I think.

        Though I hate to endorse Philly mag whose reviews, I am convinced, can be bought.

        I would try eating through Craig Laban's lit of three bell joints

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          <I am convinced, can be bought.>

          That sounds so negative.