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Jan 11, 2014 05:36 PM

Fava beans

I bought a can of "small fava beans" (it also says "Foule Mudammas," and then it says something--presumably the same thing--in Arabic). I sauteed them in olive oil with a lot of minced garlic and about a 1/2 tsp of cumin. They tasted pretty good, but the skins were really leathery. Are they naturally this way? Did I make this happen by cooking them like this? I've prepared garbanzo beans this way several times without this result.

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  1. The skins are often tough and can be discarded

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    1. I hear they're good with liver & Chianti....

      1. I have prepared fresh fava beans and that skin needs to be removed after the first cooking , to remove the beans from the pod. Then proceed to cook the shelled and skinned bean with a second cooking. Rather labor intensive.

        1. I don't cook the canned beans. Drain, rinse, add lemon, olive oil, salt, cumin, pepper, chopped parsely. Sometimes minced shallot.

          1. I recently tried some too. I don't have the specifics right here in front of me, but this was a can of PEELED fava beans with sunflower oil, tomato, and spices. Surprisingly it was pretty good. Thankfully my favas were peeled, otherwise I'd be sharing in the 'leathery' skin complaint also.

            Peeled Foul with Oil & Tomato Sauce
            Can label shows unpeeled favas, but they *are* peeled.
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