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Jan 11, 2014 02:19 PM

Portland lunch - Saturday or Sunday?

Will be in the area next weekend, weather permitting. Any recommendations for lunch on the weekends? Looking for a bar/pub, preferrably.

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  1. Bar/pub. Those with good food that come to mind quickly include East Ended, Nosh, Infiniti, Little Tap House. All really good food/beer choices. If you were to look for a pub in Tokyo then Pai Men Miyake - great food and drink.

    1. As always, I second Bobbert's suggestions, particularly Pai Men. Think you should also consider Novare Res, our local multi-beer spot.

      1. I'll second what's been said already, and add that Portland is a huge brunch town, so in many places you'll run into brunch menus on Saturday or Sunday. Pai Men and Infiniti would be high on my list, as would the Little Tap House and Novare (Novare for a beer, at least).