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Eating dog food, is it wrong?

Got you to look!
I was making food for my dogs, bulk quantity chicken thighs with skin and bones, huge turkey legs, pressure cooked with a bit of salt, to falling off the bone. I reduced the stock....wow..chicken and turkey.....really tasty! I considered saving the stock for myself. I know they like it. I give nibbles to the dogs as they lay around my feet in the kitchen...waiting for the "oooops, I dropped it" moment. But, wow, this is really good.

Should I keep it for myself?
What would you do?


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  1. Dogs eat pretty well (at least in our house) - if the food ain't rotten I see no problem with eating it. I wish I could have a vet for my healthcare plan instead of Obamacare too!

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      My work health care plan has pet health care available. Also, the supermarket chain in my neighborhood has a discounted healthy pet plan for regular prescribed drugs for any pets in the family. Dogs, cats, ferrets, etc. Price is nearly nothing.

      1. re: breadchick

        Wow, I want to work where you work! If I could even get flexible spending for pet healthcare ...

    2. When I was in grad school I took on a contract to install a computer for a man whose dog ate better than most families.Grain-fed chicken, filet, organic produce - the whole 9.

      1. Don't remind me of that liverwurst sandwich I had one day after school when i was a kid. it wasn't liverwurst.

        1. I can't stop my 18 month old son from eating dry cat food. If I forget to put it away, he's on it! Seems to keep him regular.

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            You may want to have him neutered before he starts marking the upholstered furniture.

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                  my sister use to eat the dog food..she had the shinest hair

                    1. re: Veggo

                      ya thats why we had to put her down so sad

              1. re: Veggo

                That would certainly limit future granchildren.

                My mother keeps her dog's food out, and he always spills some around the bowl, fridge, etc. One of my dogs considers it her duty to immediately 'clean up' when she arrives. That's what she does at home with anything left on the kitchen floor for more than 15 seconds!

              2. re: earthygoat

                Does he purr when you scratch him under the chin ? Jump onto your computer keyboard when you least expect it ? Wail when he's about to go into the bathtub ?

                OTOH ...... put a litterbox beside him and watch what happens. Could be the boon you've been waitin' for .........

                Look Ma, NO diapers ! :-D

                1. re: LotusRapper

                  No purring, but he can sure crash the laptop with one hand smash to the keyboard, just like the cat flopping down on it. I think you're onto something with the litter box :)

                2. re: earthygoat

                  Embarrassed to admit that I did this too as a toddler. Dry cat food, sticks of butter, and best not leave a bottle of beer unattended. I think it all went into making me the discerning chowhound I am today.

                3. It wasn't wrong when I was eight years old. I'll never forget it.Tasting the dry dog kibble with my best freind on his back porch. It tastes like it smells.The first and last time.

                  1. I routinely cook for our dog, and I routinely taste/eat what I make for her.

                    I also went through a phase in high school where I ate milk bone dog biscuits. That's what I attribute my strong teeth and healthy coat of body hair to date to.

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                    1. re: jrvedivici

                      And possibly you're need to chase the postman. :)

                      1. re: breadchick

                        Yeah I'll try that once I can get this licking myself down!

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                          Jr, you still have time to edit this post away....maybe go with an ice cream cone.

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                        I cook for my dogs, but never taste. I add salt to their bowls of food rather than the food itself. Since I don't use spices, salt, pepper, etc., it really isn't anything I want to taste.

                        They love the neighbor's horrible fake sausage roll treats like I assume kids brought up on health food love McDonald's.

                      3. I grill for our 4 dogs year round. Sometimes when I know my schedule is tight I grill two days worth.

                        Inevitably, my wife or kids will eat day tow's food the evening of day one. They love the chicken breast, turkey, chops and steak.

                        The best made plans, oh well,

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                        1. re: bagelman01

                          Haha. My spouse took the dogs cooked chicken and made sandwiches out of it last week. It was fine, just the concept is weird. I also buy them a bit lesser quality meat than we eat, but it is still very edible for people.

                          I try to mark the pups food with painters tape and a sharpie on the containers.

                          1. re: sedimental

                            It's 4:15. I just came in from the grill with 8 chicken breasts. 4 dogs--4 breasts for tonight's supper. Other 4 were for tomorrow !as I'm in court in Hartford. Daughter announced.... great! chicken Caesar salad tor supper...mom you don't have to cook tonight.

                            1. re: bagelman01

                              Maybe you need to start feeding raw. That way at least if your family "borrows" the dog food they have to cook it.

                        2. <Got you to look! >

                          This is not funny.

                          Fine. I will answer my own question. No, it is not wrong to eat dog food.

                          1. If you decided to feed it to the dogs, remember to remove the bones. Chicken bones are not good for dogs.

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                            1. re: JayL

                              Yes, I I never give them poultry bones of any kind.

                              1. re: JayL

                                Chicken bones are good for dogs, just feed them to them uncooked.

                              2. After removing the meat from the bones for the pups, I decided to skim off the fat from the broth and use it as the liquid in a slow cooker pulled pork for me tomorrow. Sorry pups! I DID save the fat from that rich broth for them ;)

                                I also have the bones pressure cooking again now. They can have the broth from that.

                                1. Nope, not wrong. I'd eat it. Also, the cat that roams around here pretty much eats human food - organic meat for half of his meals.

                                  However, eating dry dog food is wrong in my book. Although, once SO ate a dog biscuit and enjoyed it so much that he nearly ate a second biscuit. We were checking into a hotel and they were a pet-friendly company with a bowl of dog treats on the counter. We had traveled all day and hadn't eaten anything so I guess he was hungry, assumed the treats were for humans (to his credit, they were in circular biscuit shapes not a dog bone shape), ate one and then as he reached for a second one while commenting that the "crackers are really good" the concierge informed him that they were meant for the dogs. He was so embarrassed that we didn't linger long enough to ask what was in the treats. We've been back to the hotel a few times and they always remember him.

                                  1. Your ingredient list looks like people food to me. I assume you're not eating dog food commercially produced for your pets.

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                                    1. re: ChiliDude

                                      That's what I'm thinking. Home-cooked chicken isn't exactly Alpo. I once had a neighbor whose poodle wouldn't eat anything but Fried Rice so she used to order out Chinese every day for the dog. What we call dog food seems to be relative.

                                    2. Noticed nobody answered YOUR question, I don't think? If the stock is tasty, I would definitely keep it for myself... or at least most of it. There's nothing in it that wouldnbe in "people" stock.

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                                      1. re: kseiverd

                                        When I had pedigreed show cats, I used to put a frozen turkey in a big pot, cover with water, and simmer until the meat fell off the bones, which were so soft that I could crush them between my fingers, which I did once the pot had cooled enough. When I once found myself without sandwich fixings, I removed some of the breast meat as soon as it was done, thereby discovering how good it was.
                                        After that, one half of the breast was MINE. On occasions when the turkey was fresh rather than frozen, I'd remove the raw breasts before cooking the rest for the pets. Then I started ladling off some of the broth before cooking to the point of disintegrating bones. My favorite for French onion soup is a half turkey broth, half beef broth.

                                        Your pets can safely eat raw chicken and chicken bones. The same for turkey, if your dogs are large. As long as the pets are healthy, their systems can handle bacteria that would make their owners ill. Cooked bones of either are safe ONLY if cooked to the point of softness, then crushed. Remove any bits of bone that do not crush easily.

                                      2. Rachel Ray has a dog foo recipe in the back of her magazine every month

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                                          1. re: Veggo

                                            For the pups...not the senior canines. All that egg isn't good for their cholesterol levels.

                                            1. re: Veggo

                                              You can make egg foo young with pork and shrimp, so I don't see why not dog too.

                                          2. Sounds more like you are making people food for dogs, so enjoy!
                                            Now if you were grinding up the bones, using offal, that would be different....

                                            1. I'd keep the stock if it tasted good but I'm wondering that with all the stock you have from the cooked meats, is the vitamin content still adequate in the dog food?

                                              1. As a kid I made home-baked dog-biscuits.
                                                They were really ~really~ good and I ate a fair amount of them
                                                No harm, no foul.

                                                My guess is that the certifications for human vs. pet food are simply different.

                                                1. when i was making "chicken soup" for my dogs' dinner, the rule around my house was that i was only allowed to feed the dogs AFTER the humans had helped themselves.

                                                  of course the humans had to salt and season their own portions since no salt nor onions nor garlic went into the "base" recipe.

                                                  basically it was a chicken/rice soup with vegetables.

                                                  1. The dog food itself is safe for consumption, but eating it can lead to injury:


                                                    1. I'd have just fed it to them raw. This is what I do every day. They don't need cooked food anyway.