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Jan 11, 2014 01:40 PM

Dinner decisions - Help me choose 2 out of my 3 options:

Hi! Quick trip to Vegas with friends, which changes our options a bit, as they have different preferences...Looking for great food with great ambiance, nothing too involved. We have eaten at: L'Atelier, Bouchon, Picasso, JR, Michael Mina...looking for something a bit less "fine dining", but still very nice. DH loves steak, I like lighter, more creative options, but am happy at an excellent steak place. Need to keep it to the Strip.

Choosing 2 of the following 3 restaurants:

SW Steakhouse (we are staying at Encore), Sage, Scarpetta.

Also, what is the best sushi option on the strip?


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  1. SW Steakhouse for sure! Second choice depends on whether you prefer American or Italian cuisine. If it's Italian you want, right in your hotel is Sinatra, a very good classic Italian pretty much on a par with Scarpetta...or, if you want superb Italian seafood, Bartalotta in the Wynn is wonderful, although very pricey. (And you'll save taxi cost...unless you drive which we hate to do in LV)

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      What I don't understand is when someone asks for a definitive "2 of these 3" and someone pops in with a bunch of recommendations for places not on that list.

      IMO, the decision here is easy - go to sage and SW Steakhouse. Scarpetta is very nice, but it (literally, the food and the restaurant) can be found in other cities.

      As to the sushi question - this is tricky because of the strip upcharge. I haven't been because I cannot justify the price, but I'd have to say the "BEST" sushi on the strip is going to be at Bar Masa - their sourcing program is impeccable and the fish they serve has never been out of its natural habitat for more than 24 hours.........but you're going to pay for that.

      1. re: uhockey

        uhockey is right about Barmasa. I've been there, and the sushi is the best on the Strip -- but not nearly good enough to justify the prices charged. I also was not impressed by my server (lacked knowledge of what he was offering), nor by the service (it became unacceptably slow as the restaurant filled up).

        1. re: Larry

          I found the sushi/sashimi/cooked dishes at Bar Masa to be excellent--didn't care about the prices since it was my vacation. My server was fantastic--very knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. Since I tend to dine early, I had no problem with the pace of my dishes.

          1. re: ellenost

            I am considering Bar Masa for my trip in April, but the online pics of the dining room look so stark and uninviting, and the tables looked to be really, really close together. Ellenost, did you find that to be true?

            1. re: rp1760

              Since I was dining fairly early the restaurant wasn't crowded so there was plenty of space between the seated parties. I liked the interior of Bar Masa.

              1. re: rp1760

                I haven't dined there, but I know from a friend in the industry at Aria that the restaurant is NEVER more than 1/3 full. You should be fine.

          2. re: uhockey

            Sorry for ruffling your feathers uhockey, but I was trying to make the op's visit to LV easier. And allyo77, since they are also in your hotel, you might consider a wonderful breakfast at Tableau (the duck hash is delish, and room is beautiful), and the Le Rêve show is really fantastic!

        2. Thanks for all the great tips! We've scrapped Scarpetta, and great news - our schedule has changed to allow time to go to Raku! So I think we will do that and SW Steakhouse, thanks to your helpful replies.

          1. SW Steak is a no brainer. One of the best steakhouses in the country IMHO