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Where can I find John Boo Cutting Board in Toronto?

I'm looking for a John Boos Walnut End Grain chopping block 24 x 18 x 2 1/4 inches (http://www.surlatable.com/product/PRO...)

I haven't had much success finding retail stores that resell this one in Canada and any websites that do sell it online like the one above don't ship to Canada. Where else am I likely to find this?

Thank you!

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    1. re: youdonut

      OP is looking for the walnut cutting board so the 2nd link won't help them. Also, the first link only mentions The Pepper Mill in Hazelton Lanes which I am pretty sure went out of business.

      OP, did you try contacting the company directly and asking if they have a retailer/distributor in Canada?

      Otherwise, you might have to order to a US address (like CBI USA) and pick up over there.

      If you aren't set on that brand, I recall seeing some Walnut end grain cutting boards at the One of a Kind show last year. Sure there are some Canadian manufactures with similar types of boards.

      1. re: ylsf

        Thank you yisf. I tried calling all of the authorized dealers in Ontario listed on their website and none of them seem to carry this one. I missed the one of a kind show last year so maybe I can check out the one they host this year instead.

    2. If you want nice handcrafted cutting boards made from walnut and other hardwoods, Greg at Hacher and Krain on Dupont makes a selection for what I am guessing will be a significantly lower price.

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      1. re: Snarf

        Just gave them a call and unfortunately they don't believe in end-grain cutting boards which is what i'm looking for :(

        Thank you for the suggestion though!

      2. If you can't find anything local I highly recommend this guy.


        I have a Maple end grain 22" by 16" and I couldn't be happier. He will ship to Canada but there might be a bit of a wait.

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        1. re: petek

          If you're willing to pay Boos prices, might as well go w/ a boardsmith. More highly regarded and yes they'll have end grain walnut.

          tosho knife arts has an end grain walnut board also....


        2. homesense carries Joon Boos. I think i saw a walnut end grain in the yonge/queen a couple of months ago. i'll check this afternoon.

          1. Check out Nella Cucina, (416) 922-9055, on Bathurst north of Bloor. They carry Boos boards (although they don't have the one you are looking for in stock at the moment -- I was in there about a week ago). However, they will order one for you.

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            1. re: GrahamChubb

              Awesome I will give them a call. Thank you!

            2. costco.ca sells some boos online

              but only one or two are end grain

              1. The home sense at yonge and queen has the 18" x 3" walnut end grain john boos block for $ 250.00. The same as:


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                1. re: filtered

                  Wow thank you so much for checking and sending this pic! Will swing by to have a look :)

                2. Does walnut have any advantage over maple? The Boos end grain maple board from www.costco.ca for $100 ppd seems to be attractive.

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                  1. re: jayt90

                    Not something you'll notice in the real world. Walnut is technically slightly softer, the difference is negligible.

                    The choice is based on cosmetic reasons.

                  2. just saw the same block for $ 185 at homesense at warden & eg...

                    1. Anyone who will settle for Boos edge grain maple boards should check out www.costco.ca
                      The standard boards between $86 and $110 should be adequate for all but the most fastidious buyer.