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Jan 11, 2014 12:10 PM

Oh NO! Forgot about my duck fat in the fridge from Christmas

The container is mostly fat but there is a small amount of jus in the bottom. Is it safe to scrape off the jus and then keep in the freezer? Or is it too late. :-(

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  1. I made a duck on xmas day, and the fat has been in the fridge or near the stove ever since. I use it every day to scramble eggs.

    I am alive and replying. Don't worry.

    1. I would heat it all up, attempt to get rid of any moisture, and pour the melted fat through cheesecloth to clarify. Then it'll keep just fine in the back of the fridge.

      Years ago we'd keep the duck fat to make Confit for what seemed like six months at a time. Nowadays, I keep some beef fat from roasts and steaks that I render and then filter through cheesecloth and use this to add to the oil to fry breakfast potatoes.

      1. I'd pour off the jus and just put it back in the fridge. I'm out right now, but I've kept duck fat in the fridge for months and months without even a hint of rancidity.

        1. Duck fat will last for months to years. Get rid of any liquid though.