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Jan 11, 2014 11:52 AM

internet dating... eek! help with bars and cafes

Can folks recommend good bars and cafes to recommend for internet dates? I'm mostly interested in downtown spots (EV, WV, LES, Chelsea) but open to all areas. I'm thinking cozy with atmosphere, but not too pretentious and not overtly romantic. I guess having a range of choices depending on the vibe of the person is a good thing. Thanks, hounds!

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  1. The bar at Five Points is pleasant. Not stuffy but a step up from casual. Not overly noisy so you'll be able to talk.

    1. exciting/scary!
      In the e village i like the immigrant and bar veloce (both are winebars), and gin palace (great happy hour there). Jadis and ten belles on les, tho mon-wed pm jadis can be almost too quiet.
      Time out ny has a great list here too:

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        Thanks for the recs and the sympathetic joy/fear!

        1. re: Ttrockwood

          What's the happy hour at gin palace?

        2. Also, if folks have cafe spots to recommend, that would be great. I'm thinking that's more my speed for a blind internet date.

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            I am much removed from dating, but you might think about Vin et Fleurs. Small cafe. Good, thought not great food. Nice small wine list. Charming little place from a physical standpoint. Staff seems friendly enough on the few occasions I've been there.


            My long time SO, who is sort of a design junkie, really liked the place because it had lots of flowers and interesting old furniture. Might appeal to those in their 30's and 40's more than to those in their 20's. It's nice and quiet. You can actually have a conversation.

          2. When I first read this, I thought you were hunting for internet cafés. I wonder if that's why you haven't gotten a ton of replies?

            Anyway, how about drinks at Pouring Ribbons, Attaboy, Golden Cadillac, Elsa, Madam Geneva, The Daily, Gin Palace, etc. None of those are overly romantic, crazy crowded or snobby.

            For food—Goat Town, Freeman's, Cafe Cluny (recommending solely based off of atmosphere, haven't been since new chef), Back Forty, Mogador, to start.

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            1. re: loratliff

              Thanks loratiff! Any thoughts on cafes? Mogador is a good one. Any in the West Village?

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                IMO the West Village does lack restaurants that would be comfortable for a first date—everything is either much too formal or fancy (or expensive) or too casual. Cluny is appropriate, and I think the Spotted Pig too. 'ino would have been a nice option had it not closed. Malatesta, Rosemary's, Joseph Leonard, Jeffrey's, all options depending on price point.

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                  I'm not really looking for restaurants at this point. Just cafes for tea and coffee. Dinner seems like date #2 for the internet!

                  1. re: luckiestduck

                    Sorry, when I hear cafe, I still think dinner. In any case, I'll expand my list: El Rey (Stanton Street, great coffee, beer, and snacks), Upright Coffee (on Hudson), and Bosie on Morton St. for tea, etc.

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                        i will second upright. besides coffee, they have beer, wine and food too and a nice long bar. good stuff and nice staff.

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                      For coffee etc cafe grumpy is chelsea or sumptown and sit and chat in the lobby of ace hotel.
                      LA burdick in flatiron is cozy to meet for an afternoon hot chocolate etc (their hot chocolate is excellent)

                      1. re: Ttrockwood

                        LA Burdick is a nice one.

                        Grumpy is tiny and usually pretty full, so I'd suggest Intelligentsia instead.

                        I have to say, as is typical when the topic of date locations comes up here at CH, a lot of these options are lacking in the kind of privacy the OP might want for a first date.

              2. Frankly I like a hotel bar for a blind date and once had a date at the W Hotel near Union Square. Comfy couches and you can get small plates. I also once went to Pierre Lotti on Irving Place and liked that for a date. They have 2 other locations. Bar Jamon is also in that area and might be a fun place for a date.

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                  I love bar jamon- but i've found its best to go early or at an odd time since its tiny and gets super busy. Pierre lotti is my "plan b" when i go :)