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Jan 11, 2014 11:48 AM

Haggis near Seattle

Hi all,

So I'm new to Seattle, and with Burn's night is coming up I'm wondering where I'm going to source the Haggis.... I'd love to get hold of some nice, freshly made Haggis, but as it was illegal in the States for a long time I'm guessing there's probably only a handful of places making it about..

I will be able to get canned stuff as a safety net, but I'm hoping to get help. Portland or Vancouver is a possibility so bring it on :)

Thanks in advance everyone!!

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  1. What's prohibited is lamb lungs (lights). They can not sold, raw or processed, for human consumption in USA. Question is - can haggis be made without them?

    Same question, 4 years bag

    1. A quick Google search yielded:

      Here in Vancouver, and they have haggis year-round:

      Seems they used to have a store in White Rock (closest to border) but that closed, so the nearest to you and the border would be the store in Delta:

      IF you go to the Delta store, be very careful of the Hwy #99 exits & off-ramps approaching the Deas Tunnel (aka George Massey Tunnel), Ladner, Tsawwassen etc. as they've all been re-configured recently. To get to that store, you'd have to take the RIVER ROAD NORTH exit:

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        Check with US Customs before trying to bring fresh haggis back. They might confiscate it.

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          They confiscated our canned haggis on the way back from the UK in 2006. I doubt the rules have changed since.

      2. Voila !

        625 Auburn Way South, Auburn Wa 98002
        1386 SE Lund Ave, Port Orchard Wa

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        1. re: LotusRapper

          Have you tried the haggis from here at all?

        2. Thanks for the advice and help! I decided to go with these guys in Oregon.

          I ordered 2 3lb haggis' on Monday afternoon. They are sold precooked and frozen. They arrived here in Redmond today (Wednesday) via courier still frozen and well packaged, and they look good!

          I will report more for any interested parties after Burn's night... fingers crossed!