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Jan 11, 2014 11:45 AM

Looking for heritage pork in Los Angeles

I am looking for heritage pork in Los Angeles. Specifically, Red Wattle, Large Black, Berkshire, or Gloucestershire Old Spots. From what I understand, Duroc and Hampshire can be as dry and bland as super market pork.

Any ideas?

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    1. Peads & Barnetts at the Wednesday Santa monica farmers mkt
      Vicente foods
      The new shop on santa monica & 26th, A Cut Above
      Lindy & Grundy

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      1. re: budlit

        Pears and Barnett are the only people in SoCal, that I know of, that are raising mangalitsa. That said, be prepared for heroic doses of delicious creamy fat. It may actually be too much if a good thing for many applications.

      2. Huntington Meats in the 3rd st farmers market carries Berkshire pork chops

          1. you could always go straight to the source: