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Jan 11, 2014 11:24 AM

best brand of cooking spices

There is such a wide gap between quantities, brands, and cost per ounce that it is very confusing. For discriminating cooks obviously all cooking spices are not created equal. Therefore if you can't grow it or buy it fresh, just don't use it. An eighth or a pinch of anything isn't going to make a difference after age 30 when 1/4 of your taste buds are dead anyway. Commercial spices,price differentials and over-all dubious quality are at best a joke. They are no big deal.

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  1. I totally disagree with you.

    At least I think so. I admit to not really understanding what your point is.

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    1. re: C. Hamster

      My point is this: The Bulk of this countries' Spices come from other countries. We don't even grow our own garlic.
      The quality of foreign Spice has always been suspect. Dried Spices were dead to me after a year on the shelf. Even my Penzey Spices slept with the fishes after a year. I grow all my spices or buy them fresh. In a nut-shell, Dried Store bought spices suck!! Save money and buy your own seed.

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          It Does and thank-you for your time.

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            Oh No! Not Gilroy again. Well I guess I'm Done here!!

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              I must know why you dislike Gilroy? Did you have a bad experience there?

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              And even if you don't see the farm(s) you will surely smell the garlic!

        2. thus, buy bulk organic from a retailer that has a lot of traffic (so that you have the highest possibility of turnover).

          and, i disagree that a pinch won't make a difference - i'm over 30, and if you put a pinch of bird's eye pepper in my soup i can tell it's there!!

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          1. re: rmarisco

            Thanks for your input. I'm taking notes.

          2. I haven't had any problems with spices, even those I have had for years

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              1. re: Alan408

                Maybe you didn't recognize that the flavor had diminished, because it does.

              2. ???

                Are you asking what the best brand is or are you saying that no brands are good or are you saying don't use spices because they don't matter because you can't taste them? Color me confused.

                I can't grow my own saffron and don't think I could make worthwhile paprika but that doesn't stop me from making risotto milanese or chicken paprikash. And yes I would notice if they weren't in either of those dishes.

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                1. re: foodieX2

                  All of the above.Trust Me!! Sometimes In order to get a response of any magnitude you just have to gore some ones Ox. I gored your Ox thus coloring you confused enough to evoke a excellent response and useful information which is appreciated. Color me Crafty. (Or Not)

                2. I'll agree that prices are all over the place. As an example I recently bought a pound jar of ground turmeric at an Asian foods store - better quality an infinitely cheaper than McCormicks

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                      Forgot - the price $4 for a whole pound of turmeric