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Jan 11, 2014 11:15 AM

Mussels - still good??

Seafood newbie here... I bought some fresh mussels yesterday, put them in a bowl, covered them with a DRY paper towel (missed the damp towel part) and threw them in the fridge.

Plan is to cook them tonight but now I'm concerned if they're dead since they weren't kept moist. Most of them seem pretty closed up right now.

Use or toss??

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  1. You won't really know until you try to cook them. If they don't open they are bad.

    1. do you now how fresh they actually were when you got them?

      try cooking a few and see what happens.

      1. If they are closed, they should be OK. If any are open, run them under cold water, holding the edge of the shell. If you feel pressure, they are alive and trying to close...they're good. If they don't move, toss them. I would expect most of them to be good.

        1. All bags of mussels have a harvest date tag on them.

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            which means very little as to how well they were transported and stored before the op got them. i always cook mussels same day because of that.

            1. re: hotoynoodle

              Well if you buy from a reputable source, you need not worry about transportation and storage. Last time I bought some from the large chain store they were terrible - not making that mistake again.

              I just had some yesterday that I purchased the day before - they were just fine.

          2. I've store mussels in the fridge over ice for nearly 2 days and they've been fine. When you cook as others mention make sure they are closed. If not, tap on the counter and if they don't close then toss them. When you cook remove any that don't open. Some are stubborn and take longer so I pull each mussel out when they open and then let any of the rest still closed stay in the pot as I reduce the sauce. If they are not open by then I toss them. Also yes check the harvest date and I think the stores are allowed to keep them 2 weeks from that date so should be ok that long.