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Jan 11, 2014 08:25 AM

"Science-y" restaurant

My wife and I love wd-50 in NYC (she's a chemistry teacher). We are heading to the Pacific Northwest this summer for the first time. She asked me if there was something similar to wd-50 in Portland or Seattle (I don't think we'll make it to Vancouver). I know very little of the restaurant scene other than a few places, so any suggestions on places to start researching would be awesome. And if I need to provide any other info, please let me know

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  1. I think Castagna in Portland does quite a bit of "modernist" cuisine.

    1. This article is 2+ years old but it's a start for your inquiry:
      I know Canlis is still around as I plan to go there on my next trip to Seattle.

      1. I think Book Bindery, Tavern Law or Spur in Seattle would be a good bet for molecular gastronomy.

        In Portland, I agree Castagna is the place to go and maybe Lightbar.

        1. Thanks for all the input. I've heard of Canlis in Seattle. The link boredough provided mentioned Spur. I'll look into Book Bindery and Tavern Law

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            I love Spur for cocktails and small plates.

          2. You'd really be looking more for specific dishes than a full restaurant that does "modernist cuisine" like wd-50.

            For example, Theirry Rateareau's Luc has a souffle potato crisp that was developed with Nathan Myhrvold and featured in the Modernist Cuisine book.

            Mark Fuller at Spring Hill used to do a rotovap of popcorn that he put into one of the more awesome ice creams I'd ever had, but I'm not sure what they've got now that they're Maono Fried Chicken and Whiskey.

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              They still have the popcorn ice cream...