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What's your favorite dijon mustard and where do you buy it locally?

Been alternating between Maille and Grey Poupon (both smooth and coarse ground) and would like to know of your favorite dijon(s) and where you buy them in Toronto.

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  1. I'm a total convert to Edmond Fallot dijon since I first read about it on these boards. It's smooth and flavorful, with a good bit of punch to it. Maille was my to-go before, but it's all Fallot all the time now. I'm in NYC, so no idea where it might be available locally. But definitely worth searching out, and probably readily available by mail order, although here in the States mail-order prices vary tremendously.


    1. try the Dijon from Kozliks at the SLM i found it to be pretty good for a locally made product.

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        I completely second Kozliks. If you are looking for other mustards other than dijon, try the Kozliks Triple Crunch, Da Deli, and Horseradish mustard. I currently have 5 different Kozliks mustards in my fridge, all for different applications.

        1. That's for the suggestions. The search is on for Edmond Fallot, and Kozliks is now on my SLM shopping list ! Is Kozliks available anywhere else in the city ?

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            I've seen it at Longos on Laird & Valu Mart on Bayview.

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              I'm also a Kozlik's fan - especially I like the texture.
              I'm not inclined to (re)do the research, but several years back I was 'heavily into mustard' and researched the different styles. IIRC 'most' Dijon mustard actually used Canadian grown seeds. Also, what made Dijon 'different' was its use of white wine (some may use verjus) instead of vinegar.
              Kozlik's is widely available (not necessarily all styles) - I've never had to look far for it.
              Never had Fallot though.



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                The annandkristina review found Fallot too strong for their tasters. Maybe it is just different from what they are familiar with.

                I also noticed recently in a Metro that Maille has an extra hot dijon. All of the other mustards were half gone, while the extra hot section was untouched.

                In addition to Fallot, I've seen a lot of good things written about Roland Extra Strong, DeLouis Fils Moutarde de Dijon, and Pommery made Moutarde de Meaux. Still looking into availability.

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                Kozliks is also available at the Brickworks Farmers Market

              3. My go to Dijon mustard for a few years, until I encountered a lousy batch, was Edmond Fallot. In my search for a new brand, I discovered Maison Orphée organic Dijon. It's smooth and piquant without the bitterness that many Dijon mustards have. It's available at many natural foods stores, Whole Foods, etc.

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                  Lousy Batch. What was wrong with the Fallot ?

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                    It was totally devoid of piquancy. I bought a second jar at a different store and encountered the same bland flavour. This goes back about four years.

                2. Stumbled onto this over the weekend and it was very very good !! Canadian made mustards in the Dijon style, with grainy and smooth available. Worth a try and good to support "The Home Team" too !


                  1. Koslik's makes a good variety of mustards including a phantastique deejawn thatvfeatures 4 different types of mustard grains mixed with Lagavulin Single Malt scotch. Pricey yes, but worth it. When you need a blast of iodine with your smoked meat sandwich.