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Jan 11, 2014 07:36 AM

range vs. cooktop

We are in the beginning stages of planning a kitchen remodel in the house we just bought. It was a foreclosure - and they took everything. We bought a used dishwasher and the cheapest gas range we could find and are currently working out of a temporary kitchen that is, to put it mildly, scary.

I've done some research, but I'd like opinions I can trust. :) So, if you could start from scratch, would you do a gas cooktop and wall oven (or double wall ovens) or a mid-range (top of the line at say home depot or lowes) range. And why?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. If space were no issue, I'd probably do a Thermador induction cooktop and two wall ovens.

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        To each his/her own :) Then a gas cooktop and two wall ovens. I don't have the space so I have a range (induction cooktop and convection oven) and a LARGE Samsung MW/convection.

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          "I know for sure I want gas."

          Same as most people where I live as well.

          That is why we got "what the H3LL are you thinking" looks when we asked for Induction in our new home. The original plans called for GE Profile slide-ins and Natural Gas hookup. Our realtor, the selling realtor, and the builder could not believe we didn't want the gas, and that we wanted "electric" instead. We had to explain the whole induction thing to all of them.

          More specific to your question, we redesigned the entire kitchen because of the OTR microwave. We hate those things. Since our builder couldn't grasp a drawer-type microwave (they didn't know what that was either...this would have been an easy and MUCH cheaper way to go for us) we ended up ditching the range, installing a 36" Profile induction cooktop, Profile wall oven/microwave combo, and Profile 600cfm hood.

          While we like our setup with the wall oven, I wish we had double ovens and found another microwave solution. We don't want a microwave on the counter, nor above the range. We would have liked the drawer solution, or even hidden it in the pantry if it had been large enough.

          Given a choice, and an unlimited budget (HA!) I would do double wall ovens with a warming drawer. Being able to ditch the oven and upgrade to a 36" cooktop was a wonderful idea for us. The extra burner is great.

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            I would choose each component separately, cooktop and ovens. My current range is kaput after a little less than five years because the oven is bad. I would put in two single ovens maybe side by side if I had the room. You could pick two different ovens but even if you picked the same, if one goes out you still would have the other. You could put in a 36 or 48 inch cooktop or 24 going the other way and 30 inch ovens. Some people mix gas and induction hobs.

      2. Depends on how much baking you are going to do and for how many. We have a big old Vulcan with two ovens which only get used around holidays. The everyday baking is done in a Breville Smart Oven which can handle a lot without heating up the kitchen...even bread.

        If space and money were no object I'd get a gas countertop 4 burner with a grill and a separate combi oven (but that's $$$). Practically I think a single convection oven would be enough for me.

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        1. re: sal_acid

          Fair enough. Okay, we are a young family of 5. (kids are 6, 4, and 1 year old). I bake bread twice a week, and often make oven dinners (roasts, oven fried chicken, casseroles, etc).

          1. re: tzurriz

            OK. I'd say two ovens, perhaps one small and one large, both convection option. Four burners minimum +/- grill.

        2. We have a six-burner gas cooktop and double electric wall ovens. For our needs they are great, especially during the holidays or other entertaining when we appreciate all the capacity. We put them in more than 20 years ago so a lot of the current options (e.g., convection) were not available then.

          1. We did a major kitchen remodel about 2 years ago, went with a Wolf gas rangetop 4 burner with a griddle and grill, and a Wolf electric double convection wall oven, couldn't be happier. Many professional cooks recommended an electric oven, yes expensive but as the old saying goes - long after the price is forgotten the quality is remembered.

            1. I just did a major (as in gut and start over) kitchen remodel. My kitchen space is small (10' x10' wall to wall) so I got a mid-range gas range with one oven. Once a year I think I would appreciate 2 ovens but I just got through the holiday entertaining, including a dinner for 15, and I was happy with the performance of my kitchen and the range. The thing that makes the biggest difference for me is having a continuous grate on the top so I can slide pots from burner to burner as I need to. I also have 2 high power burners which I like, one low power burner which is great for simmering and keeping something warm. In total my range has five burners. If I had the space I would have gotten a bigger range with 6 burners but counter space took priority.
              Good luck!