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Jan 11, 2014 05:07 AM

How to secure KyoAji reservation?

I understand Kyo Aji is a introduction only restaurant. I have stayed in MO, PEN, FS, SHANGRI-LA( suites level) and yet none of the concierge is able or allow to book it even when there is availability.

I have eaten all the michelin 3 star kaiseki and Matsukawa in Tokyo and therefore I can appreciate the food. I really like to taste Kenichiro Nishi food especially after Bu Pun Su post but I just don't know what is the best way to do it

Can anyone shed some light? We are tourist and we don't have any Japanese friend that is the patron of KyoAji.

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  1. You should call yourself and ask for a lunch booking in Japanese.

    1. Kyoaji is probably sick of rich foreigners trying to book via 5 star hotel concierges. Maybe change your strategy, and stay at a budget salaryman hotel and use their concierge?

      1. ya am tryna figure it out as well. really wanna give it a try when i visit in april. btw how was ur meal at matsukawa? mind sharing ur experience?

        1. this may work, but will cost lots of money (I assume it's not really an issue for you)

          you announce or invite a Kyo Aji regular here
          ask he or she to book for you and of course the regular will come along for the meal and you will pay that dinner/lunch

          1. My japanese is really broken so I am not sure this route will work.

            I am not trying to be a snobbish here. I am merely trying to point out that other chowhounder have imply that you might get the reservation through the "elite" hotel concierge ( which I consider MO, PEN, FS and Shangri-la to be elite, FYI I got upgraded to suite via a great travel agent) doesn't really work.

            As Shirang indicate, I might consider staying in a budget hotel and try their concierge instead.

            Bu Pun Su, I will consider your option but who is Kyo Aji regular here? Will you come along and as a gesture we could buy you the lunch perhaps.

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            1. re: silverlim

              I would love to come along :) but I don't live in Japan
              I have a job and a family to take care of back home - thanks for the invite anyway

              If you read the review from the blog - I mentioned 2 things: that I'm not sure if I become a regular yet through one visit. Moreover, I wrote there that I was talking to some of the concierges at the hotel you mentioned above and receiving the same reply. Note that: I've never stayed there

              I'm relatively new at chowhound Japan forum, so I don't know exactly who the regulars are, but I believe there should be 2-3 of them that are able to speak (sufficient) english.

              I made this conjecture because prior to my Matsukawa review, I barely found any Matsukawa meal report here - then after my writing, apparently there are many people who've been to Matsukawa and share their experiences and the dishes they ate

              1. re: Bu Pun Su

                Lots of us have been to places discussed here, but don't write about them. We've also been to places not discussed here, and we don't write about them either.

              2. re: silverlim

                try staying at minshuku or apartments and ask the host to help call for you. very generous of you to buy lunch... do you know the price???