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Jan 11, 2014 04:07 AM

LAX and environs

We will be going through LAX next week on international flight and returning with longer layover 10 days later. Someone recommended the Pinks in the international terminal for lunch next week. Any other suggestions? More importantly, we want to buy some wine to take and the layover will be our best opportunity. Can we get something okay in the airport? We will be going from Delta to int'l terminal.

On return, we will have a longer layover (5 hrs) but from 8 to 1. I read on an old thread that there is an In N Out Burger relatively close to the airport. We so enjoyed their food on a hungry year before last in San Francisco that we would like another crack at that burger. Do you need to be really hungry to love them? Anyway, should we try this or something else within the airport?

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  1. It would be a fairly easy stroll out of the airport over to In & Out. Just walk on the lower level down past Terminal 1 where SW Airlines flies out of and down the incoming ramp (on the sidewalk!) and you will see I&O on your left as you head down toward Sepulveda. Walk up Sepulveda and then cross over Lincon and keep going N and you will see it dead ahead at 92nd and Sepulveda. I&O is a good solution to not catching a cab to go someplace farther away.

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      The walk to In N Out will take 20 minutes or longer each way. Give your self plenty of time.

    2. Pinks at LAX has closed since the latest remodel.

      1. Lots of new restaurants in international terminal behind security including 800 Degrees, Umami Burger. Ink Sack and many more

        1. Thanks for the information so far-got it on In N Out. I would like to know more about the 800 Degrees, Ink Sack, Umami Burger etc since the recommended Pinks is not an option. I do not know these restaurants.

          1. Here are a few of the standouts of the new LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal: Michael Voltaggio's (Top Chef) sandwich place ink.sack, Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne's The Larder at Tavern, a mini version of Susan Feniger/Mary Sue Milliken's Border Grill, pizza from 800 Degrees chef-owner Anthony Carron (Custom made pizzas with wonderful ingredients), and desserts from Nancy Silverton/Amy Pressman's Short Cake, also Umami Burger and a version of steakhouse chain III Forks.

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              If op liked In & Out, he'll really like Umami .