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After you wake in the morning when do you become hungry ?

For me I have my coffee when I wake. I'm not hungry for at least a couple hours or more .Some people I know are starving when they wake. I know it's probably better to eat something. And you ?

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  1. When I was a kid, I had to eat within half an hour of waking. Like I would feel weak and foggy if I didn't. Mom would stop at the bakery on the corner for me to grab something on the way to school.

    As a teen, I rarely (if ever) ate breakfast. Mid-morning at school, I'd grab a few hot chocolate chip cookies from the cafeteria and a Cherry Pepsi (wtf, I know).

    As an adult, I'm like you. Need my espresso ASAP. I'll sip on that sometimes for a couple hours. Breakfast doesn't occur until a few hours after waking, and even then, it's more to maintain some sense of normalcy rather than actual hunger.

    1. I am never hungry upon awakening (regardless of the time of day). It takes a few hours and several glases of water before I can even think abiut food.

      1. On a workday... 3 or 4 hours.
        On weekends...90 minutes.
        In either case, 15 minutes till I need black coffee

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          I couldn't agree more. That's exactly how I react to the first meal of the day.

        2. I am hungry for protein when I wake and need some within a half hour. If I have a couple of spoons full of cottage cheese or a few almonds.I can then wait another couple of hours before a full breakfast

          1. It is said that people who snack later in the evening tend to be less hungry when they wake up. Makes sense. I generally am hungry within a half hour of waking.

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              Me too, within a half hour or immediately.

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                I rarely snack and don't get hungry till about four hours after waking.

              2. During the work week I shower, dry my hair etc before eating. So maybe a 1/2 hour? My husband brings me a cup coffee while I'm getting ready. I then eat before heading out the door. 9 times out of 10 is a spinach omelet. Occasionally it will be a veggie/fruit/flax smoothie.

                On the weekends my husband makes coffee first thing. I usually make my son breakfast first unless had already made something himself. So again it's probably a 1/2 hour or so before I eat something.

                If I am hungover, lol, I make myself a veggie/fruit/flax smoothie and sip that right away before doing anything....

                1. Coffee first. I can't eat for a couple hours. Like you said I know its better to eat sooner but I just can't. When I do eat it is usually yogurt or a pumpkin flax muffin or a hard boiled egg.
                  I just realized its actually a lot longer then 2 hours I wake up around 6 and eat around 10.
                  A friend told me that if I forced myself to eat sooner my body would get used to the idea of eating right after I wake up. I told her, Yeah I'm not forcing my self to eat as soon as I wake.
                  My husband has to eat as soon as he wakes, I always joke with that he hasn't even opened his eyes before he is looking for leftovers.

                  1. Generally, not for several hours. I have two cups of coffee after I wake up (late morning), and often will go until 2, 3 or even 4 until I eat something - especially when dinner was a larger affair.

                    But then I only have two meals a day, anyway. I guess I sleep through breakfast :-D

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                      I'm pretty similar. I get up late, have coffee and sometimes a bite of something - no larger than a mini-muffin. Then I'm not hungry until late afternoon, and even then, it's more headachy than actually hungry. I sometimes don't eat until 6pm, but once I have that meal, I'll feel hungry several hrs later and have another, smaller meal. Often after midnight. If circumstances require me to get up early and have breakfast, then I'll be hungry by early afternoon.

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                        I'm the same. Coffee within 15 min. of awaking. Then I'm seldom hungry until late afternoon or early evening.
                        Often an early dinner is my "breakfast".

                    2. I'm the same as you...tea when I wake up and breakfast after an hour or two.

                      1. I must have coffee asap after waking up. Most mornings i go to the gym and then have a handful of dry cereal before i take my vitamins, otherwise it makes me queasy.
                        Most nights i have a snack just before i go to sleep, then i'm not hungry until about four hrs after i wake up. However, if i don't have my late night snack i have to eat by the time i'm done showering after the gym- and its often ohmygod i'm going to eat my hand hungry.... So i have to be sure i have my late snack!

                        1. I wake up about 4, have coffee at 5 and breakfast at 6.........
                          I am hungry about 5, but the coffee takes the edge off the hunger.

                          I eat lunch at 1 and supper at 6:30-7. I do not eat/snack after supper, so 11 hours later I'll be hungry.

                            1. Up at 7 and usually eating before 9.

                              Coffee is a "must have" when I first toddle to the kitchen. I usually start it (French Press) before I put in my eyeballs (contact lenses).

                              1. I usually eat around 730am and I get up at 430am on work days and around 7am on days off. So, the time I get hungry stays consistent. I wonder, though, if that's just how I trained myself to be. Regardless, I like some tea and protein- hard boiled egg, apples and nut butter, something like that. Nothing too heavy.

                                1. Weekdays I try to have a glass of water when I wake up (6:30ish), although don't always remember. Then I have lemon water at work about 2hours after I've been up. I try to eat an apple or some snack around 10:30 am.
                                  Weekends it varies on my plans, although usually within two hours. I also usually have a tea on weekends in the morning with milk and sugar.

                                  1. I usually don't get hungry until 11am but I snack a lot at night.

                                    1. It really depends. Anywhere between 1-4 hours after I wake up is when I get hungry. It is a combination of what time did I go to bed and when did I last eat. But I have once gone almost 24 hours before I was hungry again probably 30 something if I include the time I was sleeping after the surgery.

                                        1. I get up.
                                          Have a drink.
                                          Take a shit.
                                          Walk to work.
                                          Have another drink.
                                          Then, the napkin goes on my lap for the day.

                                          I'm always hungry, but I make myself wait a hour or so.

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                                            Way too much information. Thanks for sharing.

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                                              Does that mean YOU actually got it?

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                                                No idea what YOU mean by that, sorry.

                                          2. It depends on the day. If its a work day, I get up a little before 8 am, drive to work, have a couple cups of coffee, and probably at around 10 am I start getting hungry. I never eat breakfast at work, though, so I'll wait until 11-1130 and then eat lunch. On a weekend, or a day off of work, I usually don't eat until later, but of course I'm getting up much later, too. For example, today I didn't wake up until 4 pm and I didn't eat for the first time until 6.

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                                              < For example, today I didn't wake up until 4 pm and I didn't eat for the first time until 6.>

                                              High five!!!

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                                                Haha! This isn't typical for me, but I was sleeping over at my friend's house, and this is his schedule and he was my ride, so when in Rome....

                                            2. 3 to 4 hours after wKing up. I have two cups of coffee until lunch. I just can't eat breakfast most mornings.

                                              1. At least 2 and often 3 hours after waking up. I get up between 4:30 and 5am daily.

                                                1. I work out every morning, and for years I didn't eat breakfast until after I got to the office, so about 3.5 hours after I woke up. Same routine on the weekends, except for the going to the office part. I just wasn't hungry before then, and I figured why should I eat when I'm not hungry? Then both my trainer and a nutritionist told me I was negating a lot of the effects of my workouts by not eating before or immediately after. So now I eat a little something right when I get up and then I have a full breakfast the minute I get home from the gym, before showering or anything else. Always a combo of protein, fat and carbs. Turns out the advisors might have been on to something. If anything I'm taking in more calories, but after 6 months my overall weight was down a couple pounds and I had gained muscle mass and lost body fat. And now if I don't eat when I get up I'm ravenous within about an hour.

                                                  1. Until I actually eat (or drink, besides water) something in the morning, I don't really get hungry. Particularly on weekends when I've slept in a bit in the morning, I can easily go about my day and not eat anything until dinner if I get distracted and forget to eat. I suspect this ability is related to the fact that my natural metabolism is tremendously low.

                                                    If I leave it too long to actually eat anything, then once I get around to it, the first few bites trigger a whole day's worth of hunger, and I can end up feeling ravenous and eating way too much, so I try not to do that.

                                                    1. It's 5:23pm and I haven't eaten anything since about 6pm last night...I have a 60$ groupon to use at a fancy restaurant and I'm going to spend it all by myself!


                                                      I'm hungry all day but I try not to eat until I absolutely have to...I'm like a drug addict with my food. Once I start eating, I can't stop.

                                                      1. Generally 4 hours after I wake and get up. That's usually about 14-15 hours after the last time I ate.
                                                        I've basically always been like this despite people saying you MUST eat breakfast. Not to long ago, I read an article by a doctor saying that the first time you eat after sleeping IS technically breakfast for your body (even if it's seen as lunch), and that you should not force yourself to eat when you're not hungry. I think I'm doing fine.