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Jan 10, 2014 08:16 PM

West Island Italian Restaurants for a Rehearsal Dinner?


I will be getting married at La Vieille Brasserie in Lachine on July 5, 2014. Since we will be having a casual BBQ dinner for the wedding, we are looking at an Italian restaurant for the rehearsal dinner and would appreciate any suggestions?

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  1. Racardo's on St-Johns

    and as "hole in the wall" as it is:

    Nina's on St-Charles has great pasta. I swear it seems like a mob hangout, but damn that's some good eats there.

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    1. re: Zalbar

      For googling purposes, it's Riccardo's. It's ok, but with a meh selection in the West Island, it shines compared to other choices.

      1. re: Zalbar

        I could be wrong but I think the Nina's location is now called something else. Even if I'm wrong, Nina's was not very good and is more of a hole in the wall then Riccardo's. I don't think either are rehearsal dinner worthy. Riccardo's is better than Nina's IMO but still very average.

        There's Trattoria Mundo that always gets very mixed reviews, but is definitely a nicer setting (interior at least, the place is in a strip mall) for a rehearsal dinner. I have tried it once a few years ago and it was OK, service was kind of weird.

        There's Il Centro on Lakeshore, which I've heard positive reviews about but have never got around to trying. That's definitely a nicer setting.

        There's also Vivaldi which has gotten some positive reviews in here, to me again it's average but it could do the job. BYOW too.

        Scalo is another basic Italian place in Ile Bizard, again never been but have heard a few good things.

        Start trying these places out with your future husband and decide for yourself, you have plenty of time.

        How many people in your party?

        1. re: JerkPork

          Nina's has changed hands over the last two years. The former owners have now opened a restaurant in Ste. Anne de Bellevue or in the Pointe Claire village. The present Nina's is a take out restaurant IMHO. The WI has very few options. Ricardo's is nicely decorated (it was closed and redecorated about 1.5 years ago), it is clean and the owners are always there and my Italian friends loved the food when I brought them there for lunch. It is simple food and is still relatively affordable. It is always busy. Why not try it for lunch and see what you think. What is your budget for each meal, booze in? I think that would help to know in terms of giving you suggestions.

          1. re: Ruthie789


            Thank you everyone for the additional suggestions. Our budget is about $30/person and if we can bring our own wine the better. If we cannot, then the budget will be increased as it is difficult to break the alcohol budget down to a per person basis. Thanks and I look forward to further recommendations :)

        2. re: Zalbar

          I have to be a naysayer about Ricardo's - several meals there with in-laws were all horribly mediocre-to-poor. My husband (not a picky eater) described his pizza as "worse than frozen."

          If you do consider it, please at least have a "test meal" there trying several things first to see if it meets your standards.

          1. re: kpzoo

            Pizza is not the best there but the pasta dishes are quite good. The lasagna is quite a hearty portion.

        3. Zalbar, Chefjeannine, and JerkPork thank you very much for your thoughtful replies!

          JerkPork: we will be about 15 people. We're getting married in Lachine so I thought the West Island would be easier logistics-wise after the rehearsal itself but I'm open to other ideas too.

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          1. re: mtlbridetobe

            I'd skip all my West Island suggestions and just head to Da Emma in Old Montreal.

            1. re: mtlbridetobe

              Mozza on St. John's Road is another Italian option. The bar area is quite nice. I do find it expensive but you can get a good pasta dish here. The ambiance lends to a wedding party celebration.

            2. Thanks for the further replies. To complicate matters, we currently live in Western Canada, so we will not be able to "test-drive" any places before the rehearsal dinner itself.

              Does anyone have any BYOW places to suggest?

              Thank you!

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              1. re: mtlbridetobe

                Campagnola in LaSalle - not far from Lachine, it's BYOW and it's solid. We went for my son's graduation dinner earlier this summer and our diverse grouped really enjoyed the experience.

                1. re: mikjomom44

                  A popular restaurant in Ville LaSalle is Bocci. It is not bring your own booze. It is not the most modern of atmospheres but the food is very good, and the menu varied from subs, pizza to pasta. I am told they make their own bread for the sub and the veal sub is excellent.

                2. re: mtlbridetobe

                  I would second Vivaldi's as a good BYOB spot on the West Island.

                    1. re: Ruthie789

                      As compared to???? In Riccardo's range for pasta and pizza, and pretty heftier portions on meats reflect the price difference. And remember the wine bill. Cheapest wine at Riccardo's is $30 per, while a good SAQ can be had for $15. To each their own.........

                      1. re: JohnnyGe

                        I found the meal expensive at Vivaldi's and I did not order wine that was my point of reference. Items seem to be a la carte and I found the food mediocre for the price they charged. You do have a valid point if you are going to consume wine, the price of the overall meal would probably be comparable.

                        1. re: Ruthie789

                          +1. really didn't like the food there very much.

                  1. re: mtlbridetobe

                    If you have a large party, perhaps you could have a fixed menu, some restaurants do have this option for special celebrations. Another Italian restaurant is La Serenata, just off of Sources. It is not bring your own wine but the food is delicious.

                  2. Coincidentally I went to the Casa Mare on Pierrefonds Blvd. last night. I would say it is a very casual restaurant. You can bring your own wine here and the restaurant has been recently updated. I had pizza it was good, just good, not fantastic.