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Jan 10, 2014 04:17 PM

Naples and Bonita Springs restaurants

I would like to dine out every night for the 9 days that I'm in Bonita Springs with my friend next week. We both enjoy fish, chicken and mostly lighter, fresh meals. I am flexible with price. Also any live music or happening bars for mid-50's girls?

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  1. Wyld's Cafe and A Table Apart are both on the south side of Bonita Beach Blvd. west of 41. Wyld's iOS a bit darker, more quiet, and refined, A Table Apart a bit more lively. Both have excellent food.

    1. Tarpon Bay in the Hyatt Coconut Point has good seafood. Chops for fusion seems to be pretty busy, especially in the bar area. The bar at Angelina's is also busy, but I think their food has gone downhill since the original owner sold out. There's no scene but Tuscan Bistro has good, family style Italian. Great lobster rolls at Landsdowne. Good Greek at Zorba's.

      An actual bar scene in Bonita I believe is non-existent. Your best bet is Blue Martini in Mercato, where all the restaurants are hopping these days. I love Masa for contemporary and authentic Mexican.

      1. Bay House has a tavern with entertainment. That would be my best rec. Also great food and atmosphere.

        I like Zorbas. Very good greek food on Bonita Beach Rd.

        Chops near Coconut Point is the closest to a "cougar" bar in Bonita/Estero. There are many places on Fifth Avenue in Naples also the Third St. South. I will also recommend The Turtle Club.