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Jan 10, 2014 03:08 PM

First time in San Antonio--need advice

Will be in SA in late March for 5 days, staying at Homewood Suites on Riverwalk without a car. We would like to eat at some great Tex Mex restaurants. If we can take the trolley to Southtown or Pearl, what are the best choices there? Also, would appreciate recommendations for many days of lunch. And lastly, some suggestions of things to do in SA that only locals might know. Thanks for your help.

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  1. The trolley doesn't go all the way through Southtown as they've been working on S. Alamo for well over a year. You have to take a bus up to the Pearl, or you can take a water taxi. You must go to the Mercado and visit Mi Tierra, it is quintessential San Antonio.

    1. Will definitely go to the Mercado market and visit Mi Tierra. Any other restaurant suggestions? Thanks for the help.

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        Acenar should be close to where you are. You must go to Bohanans for lunch it's super nice

      2. For Tex Mex:
        Rosario's/Tito's/El Mirador/Cascabel/Taco Haven - Southtown.
        Acenar/Casa Rio/ Mexico Manhattan - Riverwalk.
        La Gloria at the Pearl, La Fonda on Main
        Taco Cabana is the local chain for Tex Mex

        1. Were looking to go a few weeks after you for the first time. Before booking our flights we want to be sure river walk area has enough to offer us for 4 days and not all touristy trap restaurants.

          1. People on Chowhound are so great at helping us get a better understanding of unfamiliar places! We don't mind walking, taking the bus or a taxi, so would it better to avoid Riverwalk for dinner, as many people have in the past advised on this site? And if you were splurging on one restaurant in SA, what would it be?

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              $plurgeworthy: Biga on the Banks, Gwendolyn, Bliss, Saveurs 209, Bohanans (steakhouse)
              Don't miss: Monterey, Hot Joy, Tuk-tuk, Cured, Nao, Minnies, Kimura
              Lunch would be an option at some, it really depends on what type of food/atmosphere intrigues you. March weather makes almost all of them walkable.