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Jan 10, 2014 01:46 PM

Ninety Acres or Highlawn Pavilion

This will be a Valentines Dinner the day after so I'm looking for great food with a romantic atmosphere. I have heard great things about Ninety Acres but HP is supposedly very good too and has the great view. Both will be a la carte (which is part of why its between these 2). Which would you guys recommend? Thanks

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  1. While I enjoy Ninety Acres, I find Highlawn closer to being romantic though neither really is as they are both very crowded. I also think the food at Highlawn is generally better. Enjoy which ever restaurant you choose!

    1. No brainer here. 90 Acres hands down for both quality and ambience. It is quite arguably the best restaurant in NJ. HP has a nice location but the menu and the space need a major makeover.

      1. I vote for Highlawn Pavillion...

        1. Both are good choices (and each are different), but I'd give the edge to Highlawn. It's more the total package with view, service, cuisine, and overall consistency. I've never been let down yet. And yes from the drive up to the dining room, it is romantic.

          1. I suspect the ages of the diners will help us help you...

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              I'll be 27 and she is 26. Hopefully I made the right call and booked Highlawn...

              It's only 15-20 min away and was able to get an 8pm res where NA would have been around 10pm. Thanks everyone!

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                You'll both have a wonderful time. Remember, taste is purely subjective. You're going to a restaurant with beautiful views run by a great chef with someone who is obviously smitten with you. Enjoy yourselves.

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                  I was pulling for the Highlawn, although I've never been to Ninety Acres. Enjoy and please report back your experience.

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                    Sounds like a good decision! Enjoy!