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Jan 10, 2014 01:02 PM

Quick question about Eleven Madison Park...

Help me out, Manhattanites, if you would with this simple question…

Will be visiting from LA and meeting my midwestern parents in NY, would like to take them to EMP for a gastronomic experience…

On their website, all they advertise a tasting menu at $225.

Is there a difference between lunch and dinner? In price? In courses served?

I ask, because my folks don't each much in volume, so a smaller/less course option might work best for them.

How does pricing/menus work at EMP?

Thanks for your advice!

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  1. Its a long meal with multiple courses. You give them your preferences. You don't order dishes ala carte. Has taken me 3-4 hours to have a meal there. Its a lot of food. Starts with multiple amuses before the first dish comes out. If your parents are older and don't eat much, probably going to be a bit of an endurance meal for them. One price.

    1. The overall experience and substantive courses are the same for lunch and dinner.

      It's a full degustation tasting menu, 16 courses, with an option of what your main entree will be. The menu is supposed to be seasonal, so it changes with the seasons, I guess. Recent price hike brings the damage to a nice round $225.

      The only difference in terms of food between lunch and dinner that I can recall is that you get a fewer (none?) canapes at lunch, and no mignardises. Other than that I believe the substantive courses will be nearly identical in all respects.

      That said, some people really enjoy the little amuse bouches or canapes that the kitchen trots out on a whim between courses, and if you think your parents will enjoy that aspect of EMP, then dinner is the way to go probably.

      If you're parents are light eaters, however, then lunch might be the better bet. And the room at EMP during the day just seems so much less stuffy than it is at night, which, for me, makes it quite enjoyable.

      One other thing to note, there may not be the option of kitchen visits during lunch. So if that's a consideration ...

      Hope that helps and enjoy your visit.

      1. They might enjoy the NoMad in the NoMad Hotel (28th & Broadway) more. Same folks who run EMP but with an a la carte menu.

        1. Thank you all for your replies below--you gave me the information I needed….yes, my folks are older, so such a repast might be too much for them, in volume and in sitting.

          Kathryn, I'll look into NoMad--thanks for your suggestion.