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Jan 10, 2014 12:46 PM

Barcelona in February - Recs for 3 Dinners, Please

My husband and I will be in Barcelona for 3 days and nights in February. We would love recommendations for dinner. We have missed the reservation period for Tickets, so that is out. We like a combination of fine dining and casual, local dining. We'll be staying at the Murmuri in Eixample, but willing to travel a bit for a good meal or interesting experience. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Definitely dinner at Lasarte -- excellent modern Catalan cooking, perfect service, beautiful space. The three of us did not have one dish that disappointed.

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      I have put Lasarte on our list. Anyone else with suggestions?

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        We dined at Lasarte in October and enjoyed it, especially the souffle, which was one of the top ten dishes of the entire trip. I think I would not order the longest tasting menu again though and just pick a couple of courses from the a la carte menu since for us it was just too much food. Maybe because it was our fourth day in a row with long menus though. for our report, with pros and cons and pics.

        Here's another review of basically the same dishes that I found funny because they hit the wall and couldn't finish it about the same place as us ... also their photos are much better as we only had a phone camera:

        We are going back next fall, mainly for the Basque country restaurants, but will probably try Abac instead of Lasarte our one big meal in BCN. The food seems a bit more 'modern' at Abac and I want to try something different. Here's a recent Abac review from a famous English food critic:

    2. Hisop: It's also modern Catalan. One of 2 places I would return to eat at if ever I head back to BCN, the other being Tickets.