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Jan 10, 2014 12:40 PM

Substitute vinegar

Can I substitute a different vinegar for rice wine vinegar and if so which? Thanks

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  1. Usually, but the best choice would depend upon what you are making. So, what are you making?

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        I like a strong sour taste in hot and sour soup, so I usually use distilled white vinegar.

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          <Can I substitute a different vinegar for rice wine vinegar>

          There are different rice vinegar too just to make the point. There are glutinous rice vinegar,brown rice vinegar, white rice vinegar, black white vinegar,....etc.

          Most of traditional/authentic recipes I can seen call for black rice vinegar for hot and sour soup.

          If you don't have rice vinegar, then I would probably go for the most taste neutral (tasteless) vinegar which is distilled white vinegar. I would avoid anything too different like apple cider vinegar.

      2. I've never been entirely clear what the difference between rice vinegar and rice wine vinegar is, but it seems not to matter in the things I make with them. I usually have brown rice vinegar. The rice vinegars are pretty mild. If subbing white or cider vinegar, dilute it a little - maybe 2 parts vinegar to 1 part water. Or try a small amount of balsamic vinegar (not a pricy one) or white wine vinegar.

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          Then there is seasoned rice vinegar that has a lot of sugar and salt added.

          A close approximation of rice vinegar is white balsamic vinegar.

        2. What kind of vinegar do you have on hand?

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          1. re: Ttrockwood

            White ,cider,wine and balsamic rice

            1. re: scunge

              I will go for white vinegar -- if it is up to me.

              1. re: scunge

                White, if you want it to taste like rice vinegar add sugar

                For your soup, a pinch