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Jan 10, 2014 12:34 PM

VDay Late Night

Out of towner taking my s/o to NYC on Valentine's Day weekend, we get in late on the 14th, any recommendations for a restaurant in Manhattan or Brooklyn that will serve the occasion plus have a late night kitchen? I think we'll be ready to go out around 11pm.

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  1. Where are you staying and where are you traveling from?

    Don't forget that if you are delayed for any reason, you'll miss your reservation.

    There are a few high end restaurants that regularly take 11pm reservations on Fridays BUT 11pm is their last seating: Blue Hill, Craft, Del Posto, Gramercy Tavern, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin. Also, just to confirm: when you say "serve the occasion" do you mean you want something upscale/fine dining/white table cloth or similar?

    What's your price range, per person, not including tax, tip, wine/drinks?

    Also keep in mind the large holiday surcharge that will likely happen on 2/14 -- many restaurants will be charging a lot more than usual, only be doing prix fixes...

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      Thanks for your response, i've already read up on a lot of your posts on this board. Got a lot of good info already.

      We get into NYC at 9pm but by the time we get to our hotel (Wall St) and freshen up i figured 11pm would be safe. Doesn't have to be a super nice/upscale restaurant but some place happening still at that time. I was thinking something along the lines of Casa Mono since it's open late and being tapas style would be great if we decide to snack on the plane ride into NYC. Lastly we are from Toronto, Canada. Thanks for any recs you can make.

      1. re: Sam C

        If Casa Mono is in the running, and you're coming from the Wall Street area, then I'd definitely go to the West Village, LES, East Village areas. Especially if you want something still happening late night on Friday. See tons of options here like Blue Ribbon, Blue Ribbon Izakaya, Momofuku Ssam, Tertulia, Joseph Leonard, etc: