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Jan 10, 2014 12:33 PM

TOSCA [San Francisco]

There was a wonderful article about TOSCA in the NYT on 1/8/14, but I was confused about a dish. The article speaks of Lumanoni (shells) with prosciutto, radicchio and lemon cream, but the photograph of the dish in the slide show seems to show shells in a butter sauce and little else and then the TOSCA menu describes it as lumaconi with prosciutto, trevisio (radicchio) lemon-breadcrumbs. Does any here know what the dish really is? The first description appeals to me, but I have not been able to find a recipe with those ingredients nor has the restaurant responded to an email. Thanks.

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  1. The article says "dried semolina pasta shells called lumaconi baked with lemon-scented cream, Treviso radicchio and a fistful of bread crumbs" (no prosciutto) which sounds like this photo:

    Could be their own invention. Lemon and particularly bread crumbs in pasta suggest Sicily, while cream and radicchio Trevigiano suggest northern Italy.

    1. The Tosca MENU says prosciutto. The photo is the one cited by me that shows butter and not cream.

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        The bread crumbs and radicchio Trevigiano are quite clear in the photo. The cream might have separated when they were browning the dish or there's butter or olive oil floating on top of the cream.

        They change the menu regularly and I think two of the pastas are always vegetarian, so the dish Pete Wells got is not necessarily what's on the current menu.