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Jan 10, 2014 12:23 PM

Your favorite ways to use rosemary, thyme and coconut milk?

Got some beautiful rosemary and thyme this week. They were sold in bunches just like parsley for only $1.49. So much fresher and cheaper than what comes in the plastic packages. I hope Kroger will continue to carry them. I just made this Roasted Fennel and Bean Dip which is delicious.
I hope to make this carrot puree soon which uses both plus coconut milk.
It only uses 2 tablespoons of the coconut milk. How do you use coconut milk? No curries, please. Will freezing compromise it?

Anyway, would love to hear your favorite ways to use these 3 ingredients, together or separately. Thanks!

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  1. Congrats on your herb find.

    If you enjoy cooking with rosemary and/or thyme you might consider growing these herbs---indoors if you live in the cold as I do.
    I have a "black thumb" and if I can manage to keep these two suckers (plus basil) alive, I'm pretty sure anyone can!


    Rosemary: can be overwhelming. I like to add sprigs to pans as veggies are roasting in the oven. Also toss in a sprig when cooking white beans on the stove-top.

    Thyme: Add a sprig to almost every soup/stock on my stove....

    Coconut milk: I adore using this canned (for me) when making a Thai-inspired green-curry dish.

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      Good suggestion to grow your own. They are sturdy herbs!

      Rosemary is great baked into breads. I've been on a rosemary-garlic focaccia kick lately, and make a fresh loaf about once a week.

      It's also good chopped and tossed in with pasta dishes, or left whole with roasted veg.

      My mother used to cook slices of beef or lamb on rosemary skewers (just thread the rosemary stems through the meat and grill; the rosemary oils will infuse the meat as it cooks).

      Agree that rosemary will easily overwhelm a dish though. Luckily you can dry it out and save some for later (though the taste/texture will suffer some obviously).

      Thyme is great on roast chicken, and you can also toss sprigs into soups, stocks, or with roasted veggies.

      Coconut milk: I have no idea. Don't use it often. Have only used it in baked goods as a replacement for milk or to add some coconut flavor, though I typically have better results when using coconut CREAM and some regular milk to get the texture right.

    2. I suppose someone may come up with a recipe using all three ingredients together, but that's not a combination I would use.

      Thomas Keller's "my simple roast chicken" is the way I use thyme these days, and with the additional thyme I often make a potato gratin (not in the same meal, of course).

      Thyme is also a good addition to marinades, especially pork, as is rosemary - both with pork and chicken. Both these herbs a pretty strongly flavored herbs, so use them in moderation.

      I have also used rosemary in bread sticks, and it's a nice flavoring in focaccia or really any bread with a substantial crumb.

      1. I grow a rosemary plant to have fresh on two best uses:

        1--homemade focaccia with snipped rosemary

        2--spaghetti sauce
        Near the end of cooking put 1-2 entire fronds into the sauce, let it infuse then remove before serving. Doesn't hurt to add a dollop of heavy cream as well....

        1. Thanks for the replies. Lots of great suggestions. I do grow thyme and rosemary outside but they are winter-weary at the moment. When I've tried to grow them inside, seems like I eventually get the tiny soil flies, so I just don't bother much.

          1. For coconut milk, I like to make this cheater version of chicken vindaloo. Requires a spice mix from a spice shop, but every shop I've been in has it... I buy mine from Savory Spice Shop (recipe calls for the one from Penzey's). It's pretty fast to make and reheats really well with the rice. I guess it's sort of like a curry but not entirely.

            Rosemary and thyme are two of my favorite herbs.

            For thyme, one of my favorite roasted chicken recipes uses lots of thyme:

            Speaking of roasted chicken, this recipe for leg quarters uses both thyme and rosemary

            These skewers use rosemary, and the stems if they're large enough

            These pork chops use rosemary

            This pork tenderloin is a big favorite of mine and uses both rosemary and thyme:

            A simple side that uses rosemary:

            These pork chops can be done with either rosemary or thyme, or both.

            These crackers are good, but don't use a ton of thyme. I think they'd work with rosemary too:

            For rosemary, I like it on roasted potatoes best. Also you can chop it up and mix it in with dinner rolls, or just sprinkle it on top.

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              Wow, Julie, thanks for all the time you put into that. That tenderloin is calling my name! Ditto the chicken leg quarters. I have made those crackers and they are very good.

              Your post reminded me of this recipe I used to make a lot.