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Jan 10, 2014 12:21 PM

ISO good Israeli or Jewish restaurants in Jerusalem

I swear I had post saved but can find them now. I'm not looking for good Italalian ec. food I'm not going to say that price is no object, cause it is, but give me something knock my socks off please. BTW we're staying at theMt. Zion Hotel. Thanks y'all

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  1. As I wrote previously, the best food in Jerusalem is not all that good. That said, we enjoyed a meal in Chakra this past December. Chakra is in the center of the city. Two other restaurants in the center that we have eaten in previously are Link and Mona. Both of them are less exciting than Chakra.

    In the area of the central market, Mahane Yehuda, there are a couple of places that provide good Middle Eastern salads and grilled chicken and other meats. One of them is called Hashipudia, and directly across the street is Fortuna.

    Some like Scala, an expensive kosher restaurant in one of the big hotels. We haven't been. We did go to a kosher steakhouse called He-Hatzer with some friends who are observant. I didn't like it. In the first place, an American does not have to go to Israel to eat a steak. But my main complaint about He-Hatzer is that the spicing is too extreme. Most things are too sweet, whether sweetened by dates, honey, sugar, whatever. I ordered a Wienerschnitzel. It had much too much onion powder in the breading. Food finesse is not much appreciated in Jerusalem. Next door to He-Hatzer is a steakhouse called Colony. It is supposed to be better, but our observant friends would not eat there.

    There is a new commercial area that has opened recently in Jerusalem in the area of the old train station. I haven't been there, so I can't comment, but friends told us that it has a lot of places that do not obey religious strictures.

    Right downtown is a place called Zuni, whose main claim to fame is that it is open 24/7. Zuni's hamburgers are ok, but it doesn't provide a major gourmet experience.

    1. Another thing to be aware of: Service in Israeli restaurants is not what you are used to. The waiters may be friendly, may be knowledgeable, may be attentive, but seldom all three. Their knowledge of wine is pitiful. There are, of course, exceptions, but in general the level of service is nothing like you would expect in the US or Western Europe.

      1. We looked hard, but did not find any great food there. Hope you have better luck!

        1. HA! Perhaps this is why I couldn't find the previous info. We'll survive. Thanks for the tips.

          1. Jerusalem is one of the best places to have a foodie week in my opinion, but problem is that it should be midweek and less the weekend :-) There are places that are off the beaten track and im not sure how even to call them in English, what's considered "working class" local food that is amazing to try and in most cases available mainly for lunch..
            For more accessible options for visitors (me also..), let's see what you might want to check.. And pitty you delete the italian option of a place like Topolino, stellar food by any mean and place with some hard to find speciallities..
            In the magnificant machne yehuda area -
            Azura might have "lost" from her old days, but should be required trying for every foodie tourist in my opinion.
            There is a very interesting skewers and meat roasting place/Hamara called Moris, Beit Yaakov street, only midday i think but his son opens not far from there inside the market at the evening - special expirience, salads and speciallity skewers (shipudim) or some unordinary pieces of meat on the grill "-)
            In the same spirit - Fortuna is pretty good also, very simple place, good hand on the grill and excellent potato chips. Opposite to Fortuna (side strret from the market) - you will see the nice Georgian bakery for great Hatzapuri and Atzeroli, grab some very nice natural ice cream from their neighbors Muslin ice cream parlor.
            Btw georgian, there is a place called Ratcha that might be interesting to try but i havn't been there.. Another georgian - Kenguru, if still there, quite nice..
            Two more places that might surprise in a category of "sort of local food" - Te'enim and Eucaliptus, you might find there interesting food and i think you should try at least Eucaliptus and report how it was :-)

            New place called Trattoria Haba - gets very good vibe in last two months..
            And i also think the turquoise the arabian in St. George hotel can be a good Lebanese cuisine expirience..