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Jan 10, 2014 12:16 PM

Chino - guest vendor at Saturday's Ferry Plaza market in SF

Chino is the upcoming dumpling venture between Chef Brandon Jew and the Tacolicious folks that's slated to open later this year in Andalu's former space. Apparently it has been previewing the food on Saturday's at Ferry Plaza farmers market as a guest vendor for the last three weeks and will be there tomorrow too. Who's tried it?

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  1. I haven't tried it yet, but a trusted friend reports "The soup was super spicy. Try the wings. Wonton in soup was excellent. Same for dumplings."

    1. I've been there two Saturdays in a row and tried everything except the chicken wings. The cucumber/avocado/seaweed dish was stronger the first time around, although I we may have had the very end of the supply the second time, when it seemed softer and more pickled (they'd already run out of the slaw on our second Saturday). The dumplings were tasty although a little thick-skinned. The soup was spicy and more substantial than it first appeared (especially at $10). The mixture of ingredients added just before serving definitely enhanced the flavor. I asked about the ingredients but unfortunately can't recall what they were, although dried shrimp and some form of pork were definitely among them.

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        Thanks to both of you, glad I asked! The photos for Dec 18 on the tumblr imply that the wrappers for the wonton dumplings are made from scratch. That's a project and a half.