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Jan 10, 2014 11:30 AM

Dinner for a Group of Ladies, March, Bywater

Hi NOLA hounds!

I'm a Toronto CHer visiting with a group of ladies in our early 30s for a bachelorette type weekend in March. We are looking for a place to have a sit-down dinner on a Saturday for a group of up to 12 people, mostly 30-something professionals with several well-travelled and sophisticated older ladies in group, as well. We have 2 in our group who don't eat fish, 1 vegetarian and 1 picky eater (though she likes burgers, steak, predictable/tame food). It doesn't have to be a white-tablecloth fancy restaurant but it should be somewhere we can have a conversation, eat good food, hopefully unique to New Orleans, in a cool vibe, ideally walking distance from Bywater.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Mariza comes immediately to mind. I've yet to have a meal there that was a disappointment. It's -- I think -- still on the popular side and is energetic without being obnoxiously loud.

    1. +1 for Mariza. There aren't too many options in walking distance from the Bywater, but check out Maurepas Foods & Bacchanal. They may be more casual than you're looking for, or perhaps just right (if they'll can accommodate a group of your size; neither typically takes reservations but maybe they would for a large group).

      1. Agree with recommendations for Mariza! The Buratta crostini is fabulous. One recommendation: after dark, take a cab.