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Jan 10, 2014 11:09 AM

Boozing around Vetri

I made a reservation to dine at Vetri and booked a hotel within walking distance. What are the best places to go drink before and after within walking distance (say .5 mile radius from city hall) ? I like good beers as well as cocktails (not interested in wine bars).

Monk's Cafe and Franklin Mortgage are two of my picks. Looking for more suggestions.

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  1. Strangelove's has a well-picked selection of beer. There's BRU for German beers, but I hate the Old City-ish crowd there. Nomad's not a traditional bar but they have a decent beer selection.

    Oyster House is my favorite place for cocktails, since I find the speakeasy-themed places too fussy and gimmicky for my taste.

    1. I really like strangeloves for beer. Haven't had a cocktail there. But from experience let me warn you-- do not get too buzzed before a meal at vetri if you're doing one of the beverage bearings. If say one beer or glass of wine max. A franklin mortgage cocktail would be a mistake.

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        Haven't decided whether to do the wine? Pairing at Vetri. I don't usually because I don't drink that much with dinner. Are the cocktails at Franklin huge? Stiff? Should we try Hopsing?

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          They are stiff... The wine and beer pairings at vetri are both fantastic. The meal at vetri is intense, I'd go In with an empty stomach. When I went we got cocktails before hand and it made it harder to get through the meal. We did do beverage pairings.

      2. Ignoring your question...If you are in town for a while, you should also try The Farm & Fisherman too (BYOB), a short walk from Vetri. We usually park in the lot next to Vetri and walk over to F&F.

        One of the best restaurants in the city. Josh Lawler used to be chef de cuisine at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

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          We're road-tripping just for Vetri, but I go to Philly a few times a year to eat.