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Jan 10, 2014 11:02 AM

Special event near Marina Del Rey

Chowhounder from DC, getting married in LA in September. Need a spot for about 35 people to have a rehearsal dinner near Marina Del Rey. Looking to spend less than $3k total. Funky/youthful is fine (so is more traditional), and we are open to any style of cuisine. Most important thing is good flavor. Help me, L.A. Chowhound; you're my only hope!

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  1. Do you want a private room or are you ok sharing the restaurant with other patrons?

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    1. re: wienermobile

      We all need to be able to sit together, but either is fine.

    2. This Chowhound post from late last year may help. If you have more questions please ask! Check out C&O and Cafe Del Rey.

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        concur with the recommendation of Cafe del Rey.
        i ate there a couple of weeks ago and, imho, they are on an upswing.

        for $3k, i believe that the OP can do better than C&O

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          I've tried twice now to hold a company luncheon/dinner at Cafe del Rey and have found the prix fixe menu choices/costs prohibitive.

      2. Around 5 miles away in West LA, Westside Tavern has two very nice private rooms and is well within your budget.

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          imho, the food, the service, and the ambiance at cafe del rey is FAR superior to the food, the service, and the ambiance at westside tavern.

        2. There are some great restaurants about one mile away on Abbot Kinney Ave in Venice. Most are on the small side so I don't know if they can accommodate your party but here is a list of a few:
          Wille Jane
          Tasting Kitchen

          1. Hostaria del Piccolo? There's one in Venice (never been), and one in Santa Monica. I think it would work quite well for a dinner, and they have an outdoor patio, which might be nice for your party (I think it might barely be able to seat 35?). Food (salads, apps, pasta) is very good, except for the pizza.

            Don't know if Café del Rey would fit into your budget, but, if it does, agree that it's a great place for such an event. Location should also be quite convenient.

            Waterloo and the City (mentioned in the linked thread above) I think would also be good, but it's sort of a small plates place.

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            1. re: ilysla

              The Hostaria del Piccolo on Rose in Venice is very nice.