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Jan 10, 2014 10:37 AM

Help me decide between these three restaurants

Going with a group of 4. We will probably be boozing pretty heavily -- I only say that because a louder place would probably be a good thing but food is the most important factor.

Also, are all these places pretty casual as far as attire is concerned?




Thanks for any input

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  1. If you want to be in the FQ, do Sylvain. Nice vibe and really good food, reasonably priced, pretty courtyard if the weather is nice. If that isn't a big deal and you want something seafood-centric, by all means, opt for Peche. Plus it's loud so you can be boozy 'n boisterous! Have fun.

    1. Haven't been to Peche, but from reports, arguably the loudest of the three.

      1. All three are good, but if you’ve never had a rum and homemade cola, then run to Sylvain.

        1. I would do either Sylvain or Peche. Sylvain is darker but it is not particularly quiet. The food at both is good.

          1. Yes all can be pretty casual even though Sobou looks super fancy I've never had a problem when in jeans but I wouldn't wear shorts to any of these places.

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              I disagree re: shorts. All three are quite casual. I don't imagine you would be uncomfortable wearing shorts at any of them.

              Disagree with Peche having the best seafood as well. That accolade goes to GW Fins.