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Jan 10, 2014 10:15 AM

Is there anything in Fargo?

Headed to Fargo in March, from Portland OR and we have a great food scene.

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  1. I have not spent much time in fargo but I passed through a couple of years ago and had a very good dinner at the Hotel Donaldson wandering around afterwards I had the sense that there was a small but vibrant restaurant scene.

      1. If you're willing to drive up to Grand Forks, Marilyn Hagerty says Olive Garden is pretty tasty:

        1. I know people like to make fun of fargo but it is actually a hip little town. I have only eaten at the hotel Donaldson and it was very good I saw a number of attractive restaurants. it looks vibrant and fun. I would want to see the new James Rosenquist mural if I went back. I think you can have a great time in fargo

          1. I lived in Fargo for the past two years-just moved to Iowa. It is a really fun and active town. There's several colleges and NDSU so people are always out and about. Hodo Lounge is a decent option-really like the fish and chips, veggie burger and bison burger. Those seemed the most consistent.

            Mezzaluna has our favorite happy hour with $7 plates. We also like Sarello's in Moorhead. There's a new German restaurant downtown called Wurst Bier Hall and Vinyl Taco.

            Here are some local blogs I read:


            I wrote this before leaving (Pizza Nico has closed. Cafe 21 is now called Bangkok Corner):

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              So delighted to read your post about Fargo. I live in
              Bismarck and get to Fargo periodically. We're always looking for good restaurants to try. My husband and I have enjoyed Hotel Donaldson's restaurant, Sarello's, Monte's downtown and a few others. He likes the scallops and and bisque at Basie's. I look forward to following the blogs you read and trying the restaurants you recommended. Thanks.

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                My pleasure. I truly enjoyed our two years living there. Lots of passionate food people.