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Is there anything in Fargo?

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Headed to Fargo in March, from Portland OR and we have a great food scene.

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  1. I have not spent much time in fargo but I passed through a couple of years ago and had a very good dinner at the Hotel Donaldson wandering around afterwards I had the sense that there was a small but vibrant restaurant scene.

      1. If you're willing to drive up to Grand Forks, Marilyn Hagerty says Olive Garden is pretty tasty:


        1. I know people like to make fun of fargo but it is actually a hip little town. I have only eaten at the hotel Donaldson and it was very good I saw a number of attractive restaurants. it looks vibrant and fun. I would want to see the new James Rosenquist mural if I went back. I think you can have a great time in fargo

          1. I lived in Fargo for the past two years-just moved to Iowa. It is a really fun and active town. There's several colleges and NDSU so people are always out and about. Hodo Lounge is a decent option-really like the fish and chips, veggie burger and bison burger. Those seemed the most consistent.

            Mezzaluna has our favorite happy hour with $7 plates. We also like Sarello's in Moorhead. There's a new German restaurant downtown called Wurst Bier Hall and Vinyl Taco.

            Here are some local blogs I read:


            I wrote this before leaving (Pizza Nico has closed. Cafe 21 is now called Bangkok Corner): http://fishoutoffargo.areavoices.com/...

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              So delighted to read your post about Fargo. I live in
              Bismarck and get to Fargo periodically. We're always looking for good restaurants to try. My husband and I have enjoyed Hotel Donaldson's restaurant, Sarello's, Monte's downtown and a few others. He likes the scallops and and bisque at Basie's. I look forward to following the blogs you read and trying the restaurants you recommended. Thanks.

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                My pleasure. I truly enjoyed our two years living there. Lots of passionate food people.

            2. The Mezzaluna Happy Hour IS pretty fantastic. They have a late night one as well -- and great cocktails. The HoDo Lounge has a great atmosphere for drinks and snacks, even if you don't do a full meal in the restaurant around back.

              Vinyl Taco and the new Sweeto Burrito both take street food indoors and JL Beers is a local chain that has really fantastic burgers. The Beefsteak Club does meat right and Toscana is my favorite downtown spot for Italian.

              If you want to venture further from downtown, I also really love Thai Orchid and Lucy's North China Cuisine (best noodles in town!) in Fargo and Maxwell's for fabulous food in West Fargo.

              If you need advice on what to see when you're in town, hit me up at http://prairiestylefile.com. (Thanks for the love, mn_praline!)