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Jan 10, 2014 09:56 AM


Hi... I'm on my phone and get a limited view of the board so I can't search.. has anyone got aan opinion on Ootoya near Times Square?? Thanks!

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  1. I like it.

    Only been to the one near Bryant Park (or Times Square) and generally everything was spectacularly above-average, and decent prices considering the general ambiance and decor.

    One could do a lot worse in/around Times Square for Japanese or any other type of cuisine.

    1. its pretty decent; the one standout is their grilled fish (saba shio) which is def one of the better ones in NY

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        I would be so happy with somw good sake and a hamachi kama with lemon and crunchy salt. I think I will try it! I'm in town for a meeting and had xiao long bao atShanghai Deluxe Cafe and also spicy ramen at Totto yesterday. Ippudo tonkatsu ramen tomorrow before I leave. Nom nom nom B-)

        1. re: Missy

          no specifically get the saba shio, thats whats good there

          I'd go to Bassanova over Ippudo, I prefer it. My review

          1. re: Lau

            I second the saba ship there, I also had a good curry dish there

        2. I really liked the homemade tofu appetizer with three kinds of salt- very simple, yet impressive

          1. Ootoya has several grilled dishes using 'shio koji (塩麹 = fermented mixture of rice, mold aspergillus oryzae, sea salt, and water)', which creates umami. They age ingredients such as fish, pork, beef, etc using shio koji and grill them. (Ichimura also uses shio koji to age certain fish like saba)

            So try to find on their menu anything that says 'shio koji'.
            ex: saba shio koji, pork shio koji, etc.