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Jan 10, 2014 09:54 AM

Falafel in Reading/Wakefield area

I'm craving falafel but have yet to find a source in my neck of the woods. Suggestions?

TIA, Sara

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  1. If you head toward Burlington, Clover's falafel (chick pea fritters) are very good and well presented w/ hummus and cucumber salad. If you're willing to head toward the city, Amsterdam Falafel in Somerville does excellent top-your-own with a huge salad bar full of toppings. Sofra in Watertown (close to Alewife) is my favorite spot for their Turkish spin on spinach flavored falafel. All would be a 15-30 minute drive from your area, but worth it!

    1. There's a fairly new place in Melrose, called Tooba's Cafe. It's on Essex St right across from the Shaws. It's a bit on the pricey side, but the falafel is pretty decent.

      Also in that general area, there are 2 places in Malden for Falafel, Dunya Market on Lebanon St and Baba Supermarket on Pleasant St. I really liked the falafel at Baba, I thought Dunya's was not worth the trip.

      Although IMO, nothing beats Amsterdam Falafel, trekking to Davis Square isn't always in the cards. But I always love it so much, it makes the trip worthwhile.

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        YES. nothing beats Amsterdam Falafel :-}

      2. On main street Wakefield there is a pizza shop called "My Brother's Place." In addition to pizza they have falafel (and a few other things like grape leaves and kebab wraps). No frills, but in the area, and that's where I go if I have a craving for falafel.

        1. Yella Grille in Andover has great falafel.

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            What else is good at Yella Grille? That's close to me, and I've been looking for a good Mediterranean place.

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              I am Greek so most of this food is very familiar to me. I love falafel and although I love to cook, I have never made it. I usually go for lunch take-out. It is a very small but elegant room. The owners take great pride in their Mediterranean heritage and all food is cooked with love. For lunch the falafel wrap is great! They tend to use a bit more cinnamon than I do but I love everything on the menu. Just a warning: because it is an intimate space, if you go for dinner you need to make reservations and be aware that you will be in a crowded area...the only pitfall :(
              You may also want to try Shadis in North their food. Both have websites. Enjoy!